Welcome to the Bitter Lemons Production Video Trailer Page

What you’ll find here are video teasers of Los Angeles theatrical productions that are about to open, are currently running or have already closed, in no particular order. This is presently a FREE service that we are offering the Los Angeles Theatre Community in an effort to help theatre companies market their shows in a new and innovative way that meets the needs of a changing theatre audience with unique tastes yet also remains sensitive to the the ever-evolving high-tech marketing needs of the ancient art of Theatre.

If you’d like to be included on this page please publish your video trailer on YouTube and then send us the link for your trailer to [email protected]. That’s it. We’ll do the rest.

To watch a video, just find the thumbnail down below, click on it and it will appear in the larger feature panel for your viewing pleasure.

Happy Trailers, LemonHeads!

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