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“Remember those late-night sessions in high school or college (or maybe last night) when you’d sit around with a bunch of friends and conjure the most awesome ideas? Some were so amazing you even wrote them down, only to wake up the next day to realize you’d spilled bong water over a magnum opus that, in the bright light of 2 p.m., was actually quite ridiculous.

That didn’t stop the creators of Triassic Parq: The Musical from executing a most absurd idea: telling the story of a certain blockbuster film from the perspective of the dinosaurs. And making it a musical. And peppering it with all sorts of gender-defying characters, religious overtones, identity and spiritual crises, scientific musings, and dick jokes.

And while the result doesn’t prove that, given enough time, 100 chimpanzees could bang out Hamlet, it certainly proves that sometimes even the most harebrained ideas yield comic gold. This is a genuine five-S show: smart, sassy, sexy, silly and sarcastic. It is also eminently entertaining, which is, usually, accomplishment enough. But somehow, writers Marshall Pailet, Bryce Norbitz and Steve Wargo accomplish something even greater: imbuing non-humans with genuine emotion and depth. That’s something that’s de rigueur in animated films, but to see it happen onstage is a small miracle of theater magic.”

Joel Beers – from his review of “Triassic Parq” (OC Weekly)

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