Frank Blocker in “Southern Gothic Novel” at the Underground Theatre. Credit: Carol Rosegg.

A tilt of the head here, and movement of a shoulder and a change of inflection and Blocker glides through the entertaining and intriguing story with just enough Southern-style flair to keep you wanting just one more helping.
Trish Ostroski – Tolucan Times

This was a truly immersive Play and there is no reason why anyone should not go and see this as soon as possible. I can’t begin to do this Play or Mr. Blocker’s performance justice.
Spencer Cotter – The_Detective

Exceptionally well written and performed. Southern Gothic Novel surpasses expectation.
Tracey Paleo – Gia on the Move

The true test that the story works just as a story is how the ending feels. Without going into detail, we shake our heads once more but smile while doing it. And then keep smiling as the lights go up.
David MacDowell Blue – Night-Tinted Glasses

And though the satire tends to err on the side of the overly broad, whenever Blocker zeroes in on his target — such as his “June Bug” chapter’s incisively funny, extended parody of Steinbeckian portentousness — the results are priceless.
Bill Raden – LA Weekly

The Visceral Company
At the Underground Theater
1312 N. Wilton Pl., Hollywood
11 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays; through March 30, 2013
Tickets: $12; (323) 251-1154

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