Casting Notice: Chicanas, Cholas y Chisme AT CASA 0101 THEATER

CASTING NOTICE – please submit Headshot & Resume to[email protected]
Auditions by appointment.

Chicanas, Cholas, y Chisme
Come Celebrate Latinas during Women’s Herstory Month
An exciting night of theater with new works directed by up-and-coming Latina playwrights and directors. All Latinas and lots of love and laughter.
2 Weekends Only!
Written & Co-Produced By
Sylvia L. Chavez, Mariana Herrera, Lindsey Haley, Maria G. Martinez
Directed By: Claudia Duran, April Ibarra, Maria G. Martinez, Iliana Sosa, Vilma Villela
Produced By: Josefina Lopez, Lindsey Haley, Claudia Duran

This is an AEA99 seat production. Please visit for info on the AEA99 stipend for productions in a 55 seat venue.


My Tia Luna’s Bedroom
Lilia – Female, Latina, 30s-40s, a professional Chicana, Loves to tell stories, adds hand and physical movement, fascinated with her aunt’s love life.

Lupita – Female, Latina, 50s-70s to play A Chicana in her 70′s (can be younger), Conservative, Snippy, uses a walker to get around; a strong singer (soulful). Antagonistic relationship to La Red – a lot of history in that they had the same boyfriend at different times.
La Red – Female, Latina, 50s-70s to play A Chicana in her 70′s (can be younger), Vivacious, Swears like a sailor, walks with a cane. Antagonistic relationship to Lupita – a lot of history in that they had the same boyfriend at different times.
Pauline – Female, Latina, 30s-50s to play Lupita’s daughter, a businesswoman, she’s one of the few that can tolerate her mother
Jasmine – Female, Latina, 20s-30s to play A younger chola, a medical assistant at the senior facility. The young chola, learning a lot from the older Senior cholas.
Mrs. Montes – Female, Latina, 40s-50s to play A Chicana, the senior facility’s director with a patient personality who must endure taunting and teasing from the chola senior residents.
Mrs. Sanchez – Female, Latina 50s-70′s, a senior facility resident, mischievous, great sense of humor, she has children and grandchildren but her marital history is a mystery. Muppet-esque humor in the midst of senior facility chaos.
Mrs. Ramirez – Female, Latina, 50s-70′s, a senior facility resident, centered, confident, the opposite of Mrs. Sanchez, but she enjoys a good laugh. Muppet-esque humor in the midst of senior facility chaos.
Eddie – Male, Latino, 50-70′s, handsome, well-mannered, a gentleman and a flirt, a new senior facility prospect.
Eddie’s Daughter – Female, Latina, 30s-50s to play a Chicana, close to her father.

Favorite Cousins
Gloria – A Chicana in her 40′s, attractive former Chola.  A community activist, rough around the edges but kind at heart.
Frances – A Chicana in her 40′s, professional business woman, well polished, snobbish.

Maricela – Female, Latina, teen-20s to play younger tween, an inquisitive happy young Latina girl with light complexion.
Ruben – Male, Latino, 30s-40s,Father of Maricela. tall-thin-dark skinned.
Alma – Female, Latina, 30s-40s, Mother of Maricela, A strong-will young looking and attractive Mexican woman.

Like A Virgin
Cristina’s Mother –  Female, Latina, 40s-50s, very traditional mother, speaks Spanish, kind and wise
Cristina – Female, Latina, chicana, early 20′s, a student at Berkeley and very independent, bilingual.
Chela – Female, Latina, chicana, 30s, rigid and likes to brag about herself, arrogant, outspoken.
Carla – Female, Latina, chicana, 30s, down to earth, shoots from the hip and hates false pretenses.
Ramon – Male, Latino, chicano, late 30′s, mama’s boy and class clown.

March 1st – March 10th
Friday & Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 5pm
$15 General Admission, $12 Groups 10+/Seniors/Students, $10 Boyle Heights Residents
For Tickets: www.casa0101.orgtic[email protected], or Phone 323.263.7684
Little Casa, 2009 E. First Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033

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