News from the LA Theatre Producers Transitional Committee

Got this yesterday from LA Stage Alliance who have been administering the process of the 99 Seat Theatre Producers Transitional Committee:

The LA Producer’s Transitional Committee held another informative and productive meeting on Wednesday, January 16 at Celebration Theatre (Thanks to Michael Kricfalusi for the space!), where we further discussed and made progress on the by-laws and structure of the organization.

The Mid-Size theatres have chosen a sub-committee to meet with us shortly to incorporate their ideas and thoughts into the fold and the larger theatres are being asked to now lend their input and voice to the process as well.  We have mostly completed the by-laws and overall structure of what the organization will look like and are hopeful to present to the Los Angeles theatre community at large sometime in the next several months, after details with our colleagues can get worked out. We have already begun to plan for that presentation and hope to put forth several dates of presentations to you within the next 6-8 weeks.

We have another meeting planned for Wednesday, January 30 and hope to have completed some of our sub-committee meetings with the Mid-sized and possibly some of the Larger theatres by then as well. We are all very excited to present our work to you and will do so as quickly as we possibly can. Thanks for your patience, looking forward to getting specifics into your hands sooner rather than later.

The 99-seat Transitional Committee:  Martha Demson,  David Elzer, John Flynn, David Mack, Michael Kricfalusi, Michael Seel, Tim Wright, Oanh Nguyen, Greg Crafts, Jenny Byrd, Gedaly Guberek, JJ Mayes, Rick Culbertson and Matt McCray.

You can contact the Transitional Committee at [email protected]com.

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