#LAthtr News Bit – Hollywood Fringe & #ShitBenHillSays

UPDATE 3:03pm: Fringe’s Social Media Manager, Rachel Stoll, made it really easy to get in on this action. Make Your Own Ben Hill Meme.

You can find a lot of news by following the #LAThtr hashtag on twitter (see it here even if you don’t tweet), and sometimes a gem crosses our collective paths.

Last night was the first of many Hollywood Fringe Town Halls, and the semi-official launch of #hff13 for this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival (although it has definitely already been used by staff and past participants). If you don’t know Twitter, people can search a specific term and read what other people tweet about that specific topic. Fringe (via @HollywoodFringe) wisely uses the hashtag to tweet key notes and links for further reading on topics covered in the Town Hall, as well as answer questions. Often the hashtag becomes a back channel through which people network, jibe and generally socialize. During Fringe, I use it to craft my show-going schedule so I see more than just what my friends produce.

Thursday night, around 8pm, (time-stamps are vague), this happened:

Theatre Unleashed @TheatreUnleashd
“Internationals [artists] have to deal with oceans… And borders… And… Yeah.” #ShitBenHillSays #hff13


In this case, Theatre Unleashed used a new hashtag as a punch line. Shortly: 

“They’re not expecting dinosaurs coming on stage, eating people & running around w/ blood dripping from its mouth.” #ShitBenHillSays #hff13


It would hardly be of note if he was the only one to use the new hashtag, and Fierce Backbone, a theater that launched with seven productions during last year’s Fringe, quickly saw what T.U did and joined the fun:

“Show me yours I’ll show you mine” #hff13 #ShitBenHillSays @TheatreUnleashd


(These are all actual quotes; above, Ben was speaking about cross-promoting.)

And so on until people not at the Town Hall at all (like me) found it & even his wife contributed:
Stacy Jones Hill @stacyjones
“I have to go to sleep. I have to go to sleep.” #ShitBenHillSays #hff13 #afterthetownhall


 Many more tweets ensued.

Gregory Crafts of Theatre Unleashed requested a goofy photo online and at approximately 1 a.m. here is the result:

Gregory Crafts from Theatre Unleashed promised many more images based on real quotes from tonight, which I expect to begin Friday, at a time of day when more people are online. 

Why should we care? Why is this news?

The fact that the Fringe Executive Director – possibly the epitome of the non-glamorous arts job – spawned such an enthusiastic running joke, created and fueled completely via his audience, six months before there is any show to see —

That builds good buzz.

And good buzz, Queens & Bees, makes the honey in which effective marketing thrives.

Enough with that metaphor. You get the point. The Fringe Team excites and entertains their immediate community so much that the core are already going out of their way to continue the experience and share it with their friends. With 300 million new images added to Facebook in 2012 (see more crazy numbers here), I look forward to watching how Ben’s goofy face and ridiculously useful quotes can spread.

Regardless, they have a lot going for Fringe this year. Energized base? Check. And it’s only January. Did I mention that already? That’s because when it comes to getting butts in seats, time is rarely on your side. Many more steps to come, for sure, and a great start.

Read this blast from the Bitter Lemons past where I describe how the very first Hollywood Fringe Festival hashtag inspired creating the #LAthtr stream. Sometimes you can even find conversation there instead of just press release headlines and exclamation point abuse.

So, Fringe on, everyone! I encourage all, even if you’re not producing this year, to follow the chatter, see what they’re doing and have fun. The entire arts community has a lot to steal – er, learn – from each other.


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Cindy Marie Jenkins About the Author: CINDY MARIE JENKINS is a Storyteller & Outreach Nerd based in Los Angeles. Currently Communications Director for 24th STreet Theatre, whose mission is to engage, educate and provoke the diverse 24th st community with excellent theatre and arts education. Cindy is a Center Theatre Group Teaching Artist for the Online Content Student Ambassadors, and recently facilitated a 6-month NEA Digital Collaborative through Theatre Bay Area & LA Stage Alliance and also serves on the Steering Committee of Directors Lab West. She was one of the arts advocates who created the #LAthtr hashtag in 2010 to unify the Los Angeles theatre scene. She curates arts shows on You Tube, live broadcasts experimenting with how G+ and YouTube develop audiences. Cindy is a regular guest on The Crowd Crowd podcast, weekly at Turnstyle News (an NPR affiliate), co-hosts Web Series Watch, where she reviews web series and interview Creators and Innovators. She has been a guest on LaLaLand Talk, In the Room, Angry Patrons, Bitter Lemons, Live & Digital Spill. She regularly contributes to 24th ST Theatre's blog, Web Grandparent , Bitter Lemons, LAFPI, and previously contributed to ArtJob.org (Arts For LA), LA Stage Times, Atwater Village Now, The Inspired Classroom, Theatre @ Boston Court & The Comics Observer. Past clients included Outreach Director for the awareness campaign Silence No One, Social Media Consultant for ECCLA & Publicity for the new web series WRNG in Studio City and Roberto Amaral's Incendio Flamenco, Social Marketing Consultant for Gracie & Rose at the 2013 Hollywood Fringe Festival (awarded Best of Fringe - Extension & nominated in top 5 peer-chosen award in Best Solo Show category), former City Council President (now LA Mayor) Eric Garcetti’s Los Angeles Neighborhood Dreams Initiative (LAND), LA Stage Alliance's $25,000 Indiegogo campaign, Outreach Consultant for The Help Group (2010-2013; named one of the Top Facebook Pages & Twitter Accounts to Follow for Special Education) Indy Convergence's Indiegogo Campaign, The Global Theatre Project, Drive Theatre Company, Broad Humor Film Festival, Venice Neighborhood Council, LA Writers Center, LA Female Playwrights Initiative, Beans Boutique, and many individuals for their career goals. Cindy also served as Social Media Strategist/Manager for ARTmageddon September 29-30.

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