I’M DOP3!: 100% – SWEET

Fair Fields in “I’m Dop3!” at the Elephant Studio Theater. Credit: DJ Smith.

Overall, the performance was good while the direction and arc of her journey was clear. A must see for local theatre goers as Afia Fields is setting her career as a solo performer in a wonderful direction.
Valerie Milano – Hollywood Today

Fields’ show is less than an hour in length, which doesn’t quite give it enough time to sink in. As soon as we learn the beginnings of her story and begin to get a sense of her personality, the evening ends. Extended, it could be even more powerful. As it is, “I’m Dop3!” is a thought-provoking and hopeful tale that is well worth sharing.
Katherine Davis – Backstage

While the piece still needs some dramatic development, there’s something about witnessing courage in action that is powerful and inspiring, and Field’s ability to make it “through the fire” (as Chaka Khan once put it) speaks to just how dope she really is.
Mayank Keshaviah – LA Weekly

Presented by SAIPRO
At the Elephant Studio Theater
1076 Lillian Way, L.A.
Dec. 7–Jan. 19, 2013
Tickets: (443) 928-5941

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