And the Final Results are…

The people have spoken and it appears that both the Edgemar Center for the Arts and theater critic Jason Rohrer have been spared another opportunity to dance together.

About a month or so ago we decided to lead a crusade to heal the rift that had grown between them by creating this audacious plea/petition/poll: Should Jason Rohrer be allowed to review Tanna Frederick’s next show at the Edgemar Center?

The show has now opened and here are the results as voted by you, the LemonHeadNation:

[poll id="12"]

You have to vote to see the results. Though the highest percentage was in the “yes” category at 46% , the combined total of “who are these people” and “no” edged out the affirmative with 54% of the vote. I was hoping that the “obscurity” choice would win out over the other two – it made a nice running of it – but alas it was not to be. The poll is now closed. Sort of. You can vote as much as you want, really, cuz our BLIPs are always open.

Jason Rohrer

And now that this has come to a close – and for those of you who still aren’t in on it – this petition is and was always, completely impotent. It had no power or bearing in changing the Edgemar’s bizarre policy of banning Jason from ever reviewing any of their shows. The poll was simply put, a joke. I think most of you who participated realized this early on especially when we launched the whole thing with this post, but what was most hilarious is that it seems that the folks over at the Edgemar actually thought that if the “yes” votes won out that we were actually going to sneak Jason in anyway to review their show!

Yep. Interpret that as you wish.

Nevertheless we were happy to give the show a tremendous amount of free press and we were of course overjoyed to cause Jason’s nervous system to shut down on several occasions over the last month. Thanks to everyone who voted and played along. We are nothing if not entertainers here at the Lemon.

And now on to our next poll!  Check out the next post and ye shall see what it shall be.

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  1. A Producer says:

    And the show seems to be getting pretty good reviews, even without Mr. Rohrer’s imprimatur. Ms. Frederick is a decent though (from what I’ve heard) undisciplined actor. And I understand she’s given up directing.

    • Colin Mitchell Colin Mitchell says:

      So far pretty good, but it remains to be seen what the final tally on the LemonMeter will be.