Laura Richardson, left, Aaron McPherson, Talyan Wright and Laetitia Leon in “Foote Notes” at the Open Fist Theatre Company. Credit: Ehrin Marlow.

Both plays are populated with characters quirky and eccentric yet wholly lacking in artifice; each is steeped in genuine regional flavor and awash in Foote’s accurate ear for colloquial speech. Open Fist Theatre Company’s production takes to them with ease and grace, reminding us why the theater arts are so compelling.
Eric Marchese – Backstage

A quest for the stars is a common pursuit in “Foote Notes,” a luminous and deeply moving staging of two rarely seen Horton Foote one-acts, now at Open Fist Theatre. Under Scott Paulin’s fine direction, the residents of Harrison, Texas, chase big dreams just out of reach.
Charlotte Stoudt – LA Times

Subtlety and skill are on ample display in this duo of Horton Foote one-acts, directed by Scott Paulin.
Deborah Klugman – LA Weekly

It’s a soap opera, of course, but it comes steeped in a metaphysical grandeur whose gentleness is quite unexpected and poetical, thanks in large part to the actors, and the torrents of emotions surging beneath their words.
Steven Leigh Morris – LA Weekly

Perhaps I am being overly harsh in my review of these two long one-acts, but I generally love the plays of Horton Foote and so I was disappointed that these were not, in my view, among his best works. This, despite the rave reviews they received from critics and word-of-mouth. In fact, the night I saw these plays was their second opening night; they had been brought back for a second run after a brief holiday hiatus.
Cynthia Citron – Cynthia Citron

Presented by and at the Open Fist Theatre Company
6209 Santa Monica Blvd., L.A.
Nov. 9–Feb. 9, 2013
Tickets: $25; (323) 882-6912
Running time: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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