Hollywood Fringe Announces New “Fringe Benefit” Event for February 2nd

Yup. The Hollywood Fringe Festival is already starting to crank back up. Received the following info about this upcoming event and their first town hall of 2013:

First Annual Fringe Benefit Coming February 2nd

Happy New Year! Now that 2013 has arrived, it’s time to start preparing for the fourth annual Hollywood Fringe Festival. Registration opens in just over three weeks, so start the adventure and create a project today. This year, we’ve extended the festival an entire week (read more about the new dates here).

We know, we know— June feels awfully far away, doesn’t it? That’s why we’ve decided to put on a party on February 2nd, the first annual Fringe Benefit. And of course, the first of a series of Town Halls is coming your way on January 17th. Read on to learn more!

The Fringe Benefit

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be hosting a new event in 2013, the first annual Fringe Benefit. The affair will occur February 2nd at last year’s Fringe Central Station locale and will serve as both a fundraiser as well as a registration kickoff for the 2013 festival. The event will feature live entertainment, a silent auction and a one-night revival of the Fringe bar. Tickets are $25 at the door, which will open at 7pm sharp (pre-sale tickets are $20). Attendees must be 18 or older. All proceeds will go toward the 2013 festival.

The full lineup of entertainment for the Fringe Benefit will be announced at the festival’s first Town Hall of the season.

2013 Hollywood Fringe Festival Town Hall #1

2013’s first Town Hall will be held on January 17th at 7:00pm at Theatre Asylum. This is the first of three town halls that we’ll be hosting before June and will focus on the registration process and participation in this year’s fest. All ages and levels of experience welcome. Anyone interested in attending should RSVP on the website in order to secure a seat. We’ll also be recording the Town Hall as per usual, so you can check it out here on our blog if you can’t make it that night.

2013 should be an exciting year filled with new developments and an even bigger party, so make sure to follow us on Twitter (@hollywoodfringe or via #hff13) and Facebook, or follow our blog for more updates.

And as always, if you have questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]

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