Final Week to Vote: Should Jason Rohrer be Allowed to Review Tanna Frederick’s Next Show at the Edgemar Center?

The show opens on January 11th and that’s when we’ll be closing the poll.

So don’t miss out on your chance to shame both the Edgemar Center for the Arts and theater critic Jason Rohrer all in one fell swoop.

Here’s where the poll numbers stand so far. Remember you can’t see the results unless you vote.

[poll id="12"]

It’s a virtual turtle race! Will Jason be forced to sneak into the Edgemar as someone named Peter Snodgrass and review a show that could very well injure him? Or will Tanna and Jason simply be outed as people that nobody really knows or cares about? It’s all up to you, LemonHeads!

If you need a little primer on what this poll is all about you can read about it herehere and here.


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Colin Mitchell About the Author: COLIN MITCHELL: Actor/Writer/Director/Producer/Father, award-winning playwright and screenwriter, Broadway veteran, Marvel comics scribe, Van Morrison disciple, Zen-Catholic, a proud U.S. Army Brat conceived in Scotland and born in Frankfurt, Germany, currently living in Los Angeles and doing his best to piss off as many people as possible.

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  1. Jason Rohrer Jason Rohrer says:

    The “no” and “who are they” votes, added together, tally one more than the “yes” votes. I am spared. Thank you, Los Angeles.

    • Colin Mitchell Colin Mitchell says:

      The day is not yet done, my friend. Polls close at midnight tonight.

      C’mon, LemonHeads! Let’s take it over the top and induce ulcers all around!

  2. Brian says:

    The question shouldn’t be “allowed” it should be “required.”

  3. Colin Mitchell Colin Mitchell says:


    Keep it coming! It’s a freakin’ horse race!

  4. Jason Rohrer Jason Rohrer says:

    Thanks for nothing, Brian. I have my future to consider, you know? I’m young.

    But thanks for pointing out the essential fallacy in this charade: Colin’s wording (“allowed”) makes it look like I’m begging for the chance to go back to a place I have promised in print to avoid.

  5. Jason Rohrer Jason Rohrer says:

    Yes, and it’s being written by Colin Mitchell.

  6. Lily says:

    While I certainly wouldn’t want you to be subjected to any performance that could potentially cause you pain (emotionally, physically…mentally), I have to say that I’m saddened to discover that I may not have the pleasure of reading another review. I find myself quite disappointed and downtrodden, as your delicious wit and sense of irony have proved to be quite entertaining. Your review of ‘Why We Have a Body’ kept me in stitches for several days. In short, your commentary is a fantastic and necessary addition to these productions. I shall wait with baited breath for the next one.

    • Colin Mitchell Colin Mitchell says:

      Well he didn’t say he was swearing off reviewing altogether, Lily, just at the Edgemar.

      And damn, girl, that was a mighty flirty comment if I do say so myself. “Baited breath”! I don’t know about you, Jason, but you might wanna do a little offline reviewin’ on this one.

  7. Jason Rohrer Jason Rohrer says:

    Lily, thank you for your kind words.

    I am constitutionally unable to quit the critic business. No worries there; and if you so wish, you may keep track of my opinions and afflictions at Stage and Cinema ( as well as here in the pages of the Lemon ( I have been reviewing a little less of late, partly as a gesture toward sanity. I’m getting more choosy about the theater I attend. But I couldn’t stop if they paid me.

  8. Jason Rohrer Jason Rohrer says:

    You sound like my girlfriend.

  9. Tanna Frederick says:

    I would be honored to have you at the show, Mr. Snodgrass.

  10. Jason Rohrer Jason Rohrer says:

    Mr Rohrer doesn’t know a Mr Snodgrass, but at least one of them must regretfully decline Ms Frederick’s gracious invitation.

  11. Jason Rohrer Jason Rohrer says:

    …while not forgetting to congratulate Ms Frederick on the opening of her new play.