Bring back the Intermission…for Movies…

So says critic Charles Isherwood in the NY Times in his excoriation of the new “Les Miserables” movie.

Maybe Mr. Jackman’s vocal performance, and the other irritations of the movie, would have seemed less onerous if they had been supplied with an accouterment of the theater that I have come to appreciate more as movies have been taffy-stretched to interminable lengths in recent years. These days, while many plays have shrunk to less than 90 minutes, even formulaic rom-coms and mindless action movies gobble up a full two hours or more of screen time. Perhaps it’s time for the movies to bring back intermission.

It is an odd thing isn’t it? As contemporary plays become more and more shrink-wrapped, movies are indeed becoming “taffy-stretched”.

The entire review is well worth the read. Check it out if you can, LemonHeads.

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  1. Kevin Delin Kevin Delin says:

    Movie theaters are being remodeled with more and more comfortable sofa-like seats to make you feel as if you are in your living room. (This encourages to hang out and eat during the film — which is the way the theaters make money.) Playhouses still have olde tyme seats with less legroom than your typical cattle car jet airliner. Here lies an important clue about the length of one’s entertainment.

  2. Jason Rohrer Jason Rohrer says:

    Or shorten movies.

    I like intermissions because they allow me to leave a lot of bad theater in the middle.

    • Colin Mitchell Colin Mitchell says:

      We all have our reasons.

      I just wanna pee!

      Actually, I just like the ritual, get a drink, check out the people, chat, and the anticipation that builds after you’ve just seen a finely crafted first act. Of course that presupposes…