12 Los Angeles Theater Companies Send Santa their Wish List for 2013

Caught this semi-entertaining ditty from Steven Julian over at LA Stage Times.

Twelve LA theater companies send their wish lists to Santa. The companies include, Antaeus, EST/LA, Celebration, Rogue Machine, Rogue Artists Ensemlbe, Ghost Road, The Road, Theatre @ Boston Court, Theatre Palisades, 24th Street Theatre, Chance and Katselas Theatre Company.

Here are a couple of the more entertaining items on the list:

From Ghost Road Company:

3. Go easy on the carbs. Unless you’re doing really physical theater, like Grotowski or Commedia work.  Really.

From Rogue Artists Ensemble:

-  A year’s supply of cardboard – We make everything to start out of cardboard, mocking up whole shows with the stuff before deciding we really need the actual thing. It allows us to work fast and loose and no one feels too bad ripping up a piece of cardboard if a puppet doesn’t work out.

From 24th Street Theatre:

1. We wish Santa would commission Mike Daisey to write a piece of non-fiction ;-)

But my favorite part of the article is the two responses from the comments section (what else is new):

Pat says:
December 21, 2012 at 11:28 am
One company – ONE company – includes paying their artists (actors, stage managers, designers) living wages as part of their holiday wish lists. Clearly, that is a perspective that needs to be changed as well. My wish list for all 99-seat theaters is to be able to include – and prioritize – this.

Mike Rademaekers says:
December 21, 2012 at 12:43 pm
This article is like listening to rich kids asking Santa for big-ticket items. As a “poor kid” in theatre, I only want three simple things.

1. Actors who are not flakes. Professionals who know what the word “commitment” means and who you do not have to worry about losing because they allegedly “booked a job” on opening week.

2. Audiences. Butts in seats. Theatre just does not seem to be on people’s radar anymore. Working your ass off for six people a night just does not cut the mustard.

3. A union that does not make it increasingly difficult to use (or want to use) their actors. A union whose priority is its members and not itself.

That is it Santa. Think you can deliver?

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