The Monday Moment [Updated]

This is hilarious. I’ve seen a few of these. This is one family’s reaction after seeing the “Les Miserables” movie. Which has gotten incredibly mixed reviews. And yet, everyone seems to be doing a lot of sobbing after seeing it. I have no interest in seeing the movie, but this video is fascinating, especially how the younger boys can’t stop laughing and the parents can’t stop crying.

UPDATE: Apparently the parents weren’t happy about their sorrow being shown to the world and the video has been made private. Henceforth, this will be one of those posts that only has meaning for those in the know.

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  1. Jack says:

    What a great video! The parents are weeping and the boys are trying not to laugh. The best part is near the end, where the dad marvels that they’ve cried less at some family members’ funerals.

    Very funny, thanks for sharing…