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This is why I love critics. This from Chris Kelly from his review of the film Zero Dark Thirty, which I saw and which I think is a tremendous film, in contrast to Mr. Kelly’s opinion of the film. The two best 9/11 related films, in my opinion, are this one and United 93. Both so intense, raw and real they leave you drained of almost any feeling. But this, this is the kind of criticism I like, insightful, smart, but most of all, entertaining:

Zero Dark Thirty contains:

The scene where our heroine arrives at the office with high hopes but gets a crummy desk in a crappy corner. The scene where she wants to do something but the boss gives her a Huge File of Things to do first. The scene where she steps on another woman’s toes… but then they become friends. The scene where she tells her boss if she doesn’t get to follow her gut she’s going over his head. The scene where she goes to the big meeting but doesn’t get to sit at the table… but speaks up anyway!

I’m not saying these things didn’t happen in real life. I’m just saying they also happened in Legally Blonde II.

That’s some funny shit.

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