Don Shirley’s 2012 Los Angeles Theater Highlights

There are a lot of them. Which is a good thing.  I guess. And apparently size matters to Downer Don, cuz that’s the designing principle behind this year’s article on his faves for 2012.

Here’s my favorite highlight from his article, it’s almost an edict really:

Everyone who creates a year-end list of theatrical highlights should reveal how many productions he or she saw during the year. This isn’t for bragging purposes – or for pitying purposes, for those who feel that it’s a shame for one person to have to see a lot of bad theater alongside the good.

No, it’s simply that any list – in whatever format – wouldn’t mean much if it were written by someone who saw only 10 shows during the year (unfortunately, that’s the minimum number that some Ovation voters have to see).

The following comments are based on seeing 263 productions in Greater LA during 2012 (so far – I’m still expecting to see more this week). I’m not considering the relatively few productions I saw outside Greater LA.

263? 263! Steven Stanley craps 263 productions in a…

I’m just having show envy.

Worth a read LemonHeads, check it out here.

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