Molly Alvarez, Matt Walker, Steven Booth, Beth Kennedy, Rick Batalla and Lisa Valenzuela in Troubadour Theater Company’s “Rudolph the Red Nosed ReinDOORS” at the Falcon Theatre. Credit: Chelsea Sutton.

No offense to the original cartoon’s sound track, but it’s the Doors songs that provide the theatrical oomph that allows this mild-mannered TV show to explode all over a stage, especially when performed by Eric Heinly’s hot live band.
Don Shirley – LA Stage Times

Well, my guests were certainly stuffed after this meal, but they all had one word to describe it: “fun.” Nothing more, nothing less.
Tony Frankel – Stage and Cinema

Though no Troubies holiday show is likely ever to top last year’s Best Ever A Christmas Westside Story, Rudolph The Red-Nosed ReinDOORS carries on an illustrious year-end tradition with flying colors.
Steven Stanley – StageSceneLA

This is not my personal favorite Troubie Christmas show, but the artistry and execution are divine.
Don Grigware – Grigware Reviews

Walker and company could pilfer more from the original Johnny Marks songs, and this “Rudolph” is a tad racy for tots, but the festive fracas will convulse devotees.
David C. Nichols – Backstage

Each show delivers the company’s unique brand of theatre magic wrapped up in circus ribbons, physical theatrics, dazzling music, and that trademark fearless swan dive into the depths of improvised comedy. All that to say that it’s one crazy good time for both audience and actors.
Ellen Dostal – Musicals in LA

Even when a show is not quite up to the mark of previous productions, as is the case with “Rudolph the Red-Nosed ReinDOORS,” at the Falcon, the Troubies are still the tree-topping stars of local holiday entertainment.
F. Kathleen Foley – LA Times

As I say, you can’t spell Christmas in L.A. without “Troubies.” Well, I mean you can spell the word, but not cast the spell. ReinDOORS should be seen. But we’ll have to await Santa Matt and his elves’ getting back to prime form next year.
Bob Verini – ArtsInLA

This spoof of the Burl Ives-narrated, animated holiday classic is in clown troupe Troubadour Theater Company’s solid, witty, raunchy and scatological hands.
Steven Leigh Morris – LA Weekly

Last year’s A Christmas West Side Story remains this reviewer’s favorite Troubadour holiday show, but this show gives it a run for the money.
Candyce Columbus – LA Examiner

Around these parts, about the only thing capable of topping a Troubadour Theater Company Shakespeare meld – the next one of which won’t arrive until the summer – is a Troubadour Theater Company holiday meld. When the venerable company of clowns is firing on all banana peel-oiled cylinders, that is. Which is usually. Which is now.
Evan Henerson – LA Examiner

Enjoy the Christmas Season with The Troubies. You’ll be glad you did.
Carol Kaufman Segal – Stagehappenings

The Troubador Theatre Company
Falcon Theatre
4252 W. Riverside Dr., Burbank
Wed-Sat 8 pm, Sundays (and Sat Dec 22) 4 pm, Sundays Dec 16, 30 and Jan 6, 7 pm.
Closes Jan 13, 2013
Tickets: (818) 955-8101

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