The Belly of the Beast-Night #73

I am reminded that the theatre community is more or less the same everywhere.

People who are doing things and are excited to meet new people, create new creations, dance new dances and sing new songs.

And for a constant rambler, traveler, peddler and swindler such as myself, that is very, very comforting.


That’s all folks.


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About the Author: Jen Davis is a stranger in a strange land. Following a life of wandering and re-location(where am i? WHO AM I?) she made a decisive (drunken) decision to forsake all things holy and move to Southern California. She recently received her BA in Theatre while narrowly avoiding a minor in philosophy. Jen has staged plays, mimes, sword fights, and cakewalks throughout the Pacific Northwest, most recently as Associate Artistic Director of Toy Boat Theatre Company. She seeks to revitalize and re-establish the theatre as a necessary part of American life through producing, writing, and generally crying out to anyone who will listen. Her marketable skills include learning to juggle, baking, and persistence.

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