Results of the last BLIP: “Is Double Casting a Good Idea?”

Let’s see what the results were:

[poll id="11"]

As you can see it was pretty tight, but the naysayers came out ahead by about 8 percentage points. For the most part, it seems like people are pretty evenly split on the question of Double Casting, some like it, some don’t.

Ah, science.

Thanks to everyone who voted, I find that if we get close to 100 votes it lends some integrity to the whole affair so I find this to be a pretty successful BLIP all in all. Though the outcome still remains a toss up on the matter of Double Casting. Me, no like, but that’s just me. You can of course continue to vote on this BLIP as the polls are always open at BLIP Central.

But on to more important matters, our latest poll/petition. We’re not calling this a BLIP, though it is certainly BLIP-like, no, this particular poll is of a much weightier material. Here it is:

[poll id="12"]

Yup. As you can see these are the types of questions that reverberate far and wide in the Los Angeles Theater Community. If you’re not up on this affair you can read this article here and this one here to get yourself better informed. As you can see we need your help. Vote and let your voice be heard in this matter of great social import. We will all be better off for it.

Remember you can’t see the results unless you vote. SO VOTE!

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