Vote in our Petition/Poll to have Critic Jason Rohrer Review Tanna Frederick’s next show at the Edgemar Center for the Arts

Yes, that’s right, in our unending quest to be of service to the Los Angeles Theater Community and all of its inhabitants we have created the following poll/petition to bring peace to that entity known sometimes as the Jason-Tanna and other times as the Edgemar-Rohrer. We are of course referring to this incident and this and this as well. The poll/petition is as follows:

[poll id="12"]

We’re making it easy on the peeps at the Edgemar and for Jason as well. Here are the terms:

Tanna Frederick

Jason will go under the pseudonym Peter Snodgrass and will be covering the show for the publication known as Rattlin’ Phlegm. Jason promises to never mention Ms. Frederick by name and will only refer to her as Pia Zadora or Harriet Tubman. He will also promise not to mention the names Tanna Frederick and Henry Jaglom in the same sentence. Furthermore, Jason promises not to punch, spit or swear at anyone (at least not in English) while at the theater. He will handwrite his review in triplicate, one version in Chinglish, one in Spanglish and one in a version of Pig Latin that uses Tanna Frederick’s name as its cubric. Jason also promises to wear nothing but a thong, a scarlet boa and a top hat to the show, but will promise not to mention this in passing to anyone directly related to the show. And lastly, he will write his review using his own blood and a plume plucked from Ms. Frederick’s favorite culinary fowl. He will then have the three versions of the review signed, sealed and delivered to the theater via three separate couriers, one by a trained acrobat from Cirque du Soleil’s closing show Iris, another by a blind homing pigeon and the last by floating dingy launched from Ms. Frederick’s favorite Los Angeles River point of departure.

If these terms are not agreeable to the proprietors of the Edgemar Center for the Arts then Jason promises to disregard them all and write the smartest most honest depiction of the show that he can possibly offer, free of passion and bias and based solely on his expertise, knowledge and the show’s merits.

Jason Rohrer

The show opens on January 11th, 2013 and we will leave the poll/petition open until then. We’re hoping the outpouring of support (or condemnation) will sway all parties involved. Please vote and be a part of this vitally important watershed moment in Los Angeles Theater. Remember you can’t see the results unless you vote. SO VOTE!


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Colin Mitchell About the Author: COLIN MITCHELL: Actor/Writer/Director/Producer/Father, award-winning playwright and screenwriter, Broadway veteran, Marvel comics scribe, Van Morrison disciple, Zen-Catholic, a proud U.S. Army Brat conceived in Scotland and born in Frankfurt, Germany, currently living in Los Angeles and doing his best to piss off as many people as possible.

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  1. Jason Rohrer Jason Rohrer says:

    Please, people, don’t let this happen.

    Colin, god damn you.

    • Colin Mitchell Colin Mitchell says:

      I’m gonna hold you to your – er – my commitment, sir, so brush up on your Pig Latin.

  2. Michelle says:

    Jason, I believe you mean that the show opens January 11, 2013. I look forward to your review, however you choose to craft it.

  3. Colin Mitchell Colin Mitchell says:

    Hi Michelle – Jason didn’t write the article, I did. As a matter of fact he had nothing to do with. But thanks, you are correct, I meant 2013.

    Question though: are you somehow related to the production?

  4. Jason Rohrer Jason Rohrer says:

    See, Colin? Now you’ve got people blaming me for your shenanigans. Irresponsible, I call it.

  5. Peter Finlayson says:


  6. Michelle says:

    Hi Colin, I had a blonde moment … it clearly says you are the author. No, I am not a part of the production, but having seen the show, I became a fan of Jason’s reviews.

  7. Michelle says:

    wait, another blonde moment. Having seen “…Bodies” I became a fan of Jason’s.

  8. Jason Rohrer Jason Rohrer says:

    I like fans. And I’m sorry you had to see that. But please, Michelle, urge your friends to vote no on this awful referendum. I said I would never go back to that place, and I claim very little except honesty.