Pat Kinevane in “Silent” at the Odyssey Theatre. Credit: Fishamble Company.

This is a performance worth your time and will linger in your imagination for a long time to come.
Sarah A. Spitz – Santa Monica Daily Press

It makes for daring, bravura-like theater.
Willard Manus – Total Theater

His flair for speaking on behalf of society’s throwaways was showcased in the Odyssey Theatre’s 2011 production of Forgotten, about geriatrics in a nursing home; in Silent, it sparkles with unsettling intensity and physicality.
Lovell Estell III – LA Weekly

What makes Silent so riveting is that, after the virtuosic nature of the performance becomes clear, during which all sorts of charming, sympathetic, charismatic creatures slither in and out of Kinevane’s curiously terpsichorean pugilist’s body (and psyche, too), it begins to deconstruct to the point where Kinevane seems as lost as the audience in the universe of characters that was his life when he was sane.
Laurence Vittes – Huffington Post

Kinevane has a unique ability to dig deep into the souls of characters, and this is a perfect match for the one-man-show format. He is not just a character on stage; he is also the creator and the heart of this sensational piece of performance art.
Rose Desena – The Los Angeles Post

For despite the show’s ostensible subject — the lack of a safety net for Ireland’s marginalized populations — the spotlight stays on Kinevane himself. Balletic, witty and a facile mimic, the writer-performer ends up primarily celebrating his own expressive power. The horrors he seeks to evoke get lost in the fabulous commotion.
Charlotte Stoudt – LA Times

Mr. Kinevane is an extremely committed actor, possessed of a disciplined body and voice, a talented monologuist with a facility for writing and voicing characters. If his show ends up making not very much dramatic sense or paying heed to its own ideas, it remains enjoyable if not sharp enough to be called poignant.
Jason Rohrer – Stage and Cinema

Odyssey Theatre
2055 South Sepulveda Boulevard, L.A.
Thursdays through Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m; through Dec. 16, 2012
Tickets: $25-$30; (310) 477-2055 x2
Running time: 75 minutes

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