Exit Stage Right: The Career Change Handbook for Performers

Publication Date: November 28, 2012

The Career Change Handbook for Performers

By Ciara Pressler
Paperback: $14.99 / eBook: $9.99
130 pages
ISBN Print Edition: 978-0-9885135-0-1
ISBN eBook: 978-0-9885135-1-8

New York, NY – EXIT STAGE RIGHT: The Career Change Handbook for Performers (publication date: November 28, 2012)  is the first book written specifically for actors, singers, and dancers, to provide comprehensive solutions for  breaking through a career plateau, finding a better support career, or creating a completely new career — in any industry.  A former performer herself, author Ciara Pressler explains how she transitioned careers successfully and shares her principles of smart career strategy.

EXIT STAGE RIGHT features interviews with career transition experts, career consultants, business coaches, and performers who have successfully navigated a career transition both within and out of the entertainment industry.  Pressler, now the CEO of a New York-based marketing firm, applies her expertise in marketing to teach performers how to create a career search strategy with compelling materials, an authentic approach to networking, and a proactive process that showcases performers’ unique experience and strengths.

EXIT STAGE RIGHT provides concrete guidance on how performers can:

  • Discover the perfect career for their experience, personality, and talent
  • Position themselves as a strong candidate in a new industry
  • Break through obstacles that keep performers stuck
  • Develop a fulfilling support career that complements your craft
  • Avoid common resume, intro letter, and networking mistakes
  • Build connections to expand their professional network

Ciara Pressler is the founder and CEO of Pressler Collaborative, a marketing and communications collective building strategy for businesses in arts, entertainment, tech, finance, real estate, fitness, lifestyle, and beyond.  She has been a guest speaker and writer for nonprofits, universities, and businesses, presenting content designed to bring business savvy to the creative culture.  More at www.CiaraPressler.com.


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