Rogue Machine presents “Dirty Filthy Love Story” at Theatre/Theater. Credit: John Flynn.

Director Elina de Santos expertly maintains the perverse energies with flagrant disregard for convention. Lighting designer Leigh Allen and sound designer Christopher Moscatiello keep the transitions crisp, and the actors hurl themselves into the chaos.
David C. Nichols – Backstage

Mainly, though, the play is about its premise and nothing more. With transitional songs referring to a world under siege by garbage, this is a work that could actually be about something. Either it needs to be as thin as farce, or reconsidered more deeply.
Steven Leigh Morris – LA Weekly

However, under the light-hearted guidance of director Elina de Santos, the able cast achieves a lunatic buoyancy that sends the play soaring above its niggling dramaturgical flaws. As for Mersola’s delightfully trashy play, it gets more outrageous with every scene — and that’s a very good thing indeed.
F. Kathleen Foley – LA Times

Dirty Filthy Love Story” is hilarious, dark, amusing, and thoroughly entertaining. Elina de Santos does a brilliant job at directing and takes this production right over the top.
Rose Desena – The Los Angeles Post

If Dirty Filthy Love Story isn’t quite the home run the Rogue Machine Theatre usually hits (their awards shelf—now that’s something with a lot of weight) the show still has a lot going for it. Actually, its flaws are oddly reassuring.
Samuel Bernstein – WeHo News

Dirty Filthy Love Story is a perfectly executed, short and slovenly bout of fun that challenges the typical boundaries of theatre in true Rogue Machine style, and certainly serves as a reminder of just how fun and enjoyable theatre can be.
Mia Bonadonna – LAist

This absolutely terrific show will lift you out of the holiday frazzles and is a must see.
Ingrid Wilmot – Will Call

The simple fact that Dirty Filthy Love Story is playing both this weekend and next is manna enough for L.A. theatergoers. That it provides more laughs for your buck than any other show in town is icing on the dirty filthy cake.
Steven Stanley – StageSceneLA

Holy crap! This sweet little ditty, ably directed by Elina de Santos, is packed with laughs—not goodwill chuckles but wipe your eyes from the tears laughter, which is probably the reason why the Sunday evening show was sold-out because even though Mersola’s Reservoir Dogs meets a trash-infatuated Bonnie and Clyde isn’t high art, it is entertaining and visually ingenious, especially under David Mauer and Hazel Kuang’s brilliant scenic mastery.
M.R. Hunter – EyeSpyLA

The play is funny, outrageous and touching with great performances by all three actors, which makes it…a definitely must see.
Joan and John Schwartz – LA Examiner

This is an entertaining production, the laughs abound.
M. Jarrett Christensen – Tolucan Times

This dark yet charming love story that quickly takes a turn for the worst is filled with laughter and heartfelt moments.
Sarah Fasha – LASplash

Mersola has written in a series of little gifts to the audience, making it a truly enjoyable and fresh script. Director Elina de Santos gives them to the audience on stage in a very visual and comedic way. Since these twists are such a big part of the delight I got out of this show, I won’t spoil them, except to say that I left feeling supremely satisfied with the ending—it includes both an Aha! moment and vindication that brings the story full circle.
Jenna Pittaway – LifeInLA

Presented by Rogue Machine Theatre
At Skylight Theatre
1816 1/2 N. Vermont, LA, CA
8pm Fridays, 8pm & 10pm Saturdays, 7pm Sundays
Tickets: $20-$25; (855) 585-5185
Running time: 1 hour, 15 minutes

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