The cast of “Anna Lucasta” at the Los Angeles Theatre Center. Credit: Company.

Although director Ben Guillory’s staging suffers from occasional pacing lags that remind you that this is a rather long play, the ferocity of the play’s emotions rings true and draws in the audience in a way that more modern, less naturalistic dramas rarely do. Much of the credit for the show’s success must be laid at the feet at Olivia’s beautifully sensual turn as “bad girl” Anna, a turn that simmers with sexuality even as it also cracks with vulnerability.
Paul Birchall – Stage and Cinema

Director Ben Guillory has assembled a large and mostly able cast, and Tom Meleck has provided a huge and finely detailed set. Olivia adroitly avoids melodramatic clichés by emphasizing Anna’s human frailty and insecurity.
Neal Weaver – Backstage

Good acting, good direction, good costumes, good set, good timing, good lighting – all of the essentials come together to make this a good show.
Donloe – Donloe’s Lowdown

Notwithstanding its dated moral perspective, Anna Lucasta is an enjoyable play with elements of sex, love, family dysfunction and happily-ever-after redemption framed with irony and humor. On balance, the performances are quite good under Ben Guillory’s direction.
Lovell Estell III – LA Weekly

At any rate, Guillory’s staging snaps to life. Although it respects the sensibilities of its period, it also doesn’t seem as remote from our own times as you might have imagined. The spirited and polished cast is led by charismatic Ashlee Olivia in the title role but features a varied gallery of engaging portraits.
Don Shirley – LA Stage Times

It was a wonderful show and The Robey Theatre Company does tremendous work!
Joe Straw – Joe Straw #9

Presented by the Robey Theatre Company
In association with the Latino Theater Company
At Los Angeles Theatre Center
514 S. Spring St., L.A.
Nov. 10–Dec. 9, 2012
Tickets: $30; (866) 811-4111 or (213) 489-0994

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