“The Fisherman’s Wife” at the Atwater Village Theatre. Credit: Kevin Riggin.

What puts this craziness over are the actors, who achieve a high-water level of mayhem, righteously plowing ahead when the laughs don’t come. That indicates the show’s liability: Yockey has some bright ideas and a knack for deliberate repetition and well-placed F-bombs, but the relatively shallow content and underused theatrical self-reference warrant another round of rewrites.
David C. Nichols – Backstage

Were The Fisherman’s Wife not so outrageously funny or so sparklingly performed, it could easily have ended up the kind of artsy-fartsy mess this reviewer does his best to avoid. Fortunately, the opposite turns out to be the case. Short and sweet (well maybe not all that sweet), The Fisherman’s Wife is a tangy-as-tartar-sauce treat.
Steven Stanley – StageSceneLA

Steve Yockey is officially one of my favorite playwrights.
Lorely – Lorely in Limbo

For my money though The Fisherman’s Wife was hands down the most creative and unexpected of the lot.
Dan Deevy – The Theatre Source

The play, an outrageously raucous cartoon, comes with an ick factor that will make some people laugh, others wince (count me in here), and still others react both ways. Flanagan’s oddball shaman is sharply and drolly drawn, whereas McCarron and Hanson are missing the details that make for a smartly etched caricature.
Deborah Klugman – LA Weekly

Produced by Ensemble Studio Theatre/LA
At Atwater Village Theatre
3269 Casitas Ave., L.A.
Oct. 25–Nov.24, 2012
Tickets: (323) 644-1929

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