Loretta Swit and Harry Hamlin in “One November Yankee” at the NoHo Arts Center. Credit: Robert Arbogast.

Taking its name from the tail number of a crashed airplane, “One November Yankee” at the NoHo Arts Center is about a disaster rather than being a disaster, which is always the better side of the equation for a new play to be on.
Philip Brandes – LA Times

Overall, though, One November Yankee (the title refers to the plane’s tail number) feels less like a unified whole and more like three different plays of varying quality.
Sharon Perlmutter – Talkin’ Broadway

One November Yankee, now onstage at NoHo Arts, may not be the greatest play ever written, but certainly manages to entertain as well as provoke.
Don Grigware – Grigware Reviews

Still, though “One November Yankee” might benefit from some rethinks, it’s a considerable achievement that certainly merits attendance.
David C. Nichols – Backstage

The world premiere of “One November Yankee,” deftly written and smoothly directed by Joshua Ravetch, should merit a very nice run at the NoHo Arts Center with the marquee draw of its two actors, TV favorites Harry Hamlin and Loretta Swit.
Gil Kaan – CultureSpotLA

Suffice it to say, Joshua Ravetch, the former Artistic Director of The Stella Adler Conservatory and Theater has written and directed a play that works well.
Cynthia Citron – LA Examiner

It has promise, but it feels like a short story trying to be a two-act play, and its needs fine-tuning.
Melinda Schupmann – ArtsInLA

Ravetch has written a first-rate play that stars two exceptionally talented stars, two-time Emmy winner Loretta Swit (Mash) and four-time Golden Globe nominee Harry Hamlin (LA Law).
Carol Kaufman Segal – Stagehappenings

HARRY HAMLIN and LORETTA SWIT support this unusual and twisty story by delivering intelligence, humor, reality, and a good helping of highly charged electrical aplomb.
Harvey Sid Fisher – Hollywood Today

Whoever thought to pair iconic stage, screen, and television stars Loretta Swit and Harry Hamlin in One November Yankee is a genius.
Sue Facter – Tolucan Times

The stories work despite a tendency by Ravetch to make some of the characters outsiders, almost iconoclasts.
Radomir Luza – North Hollywood-Tolcua Lake Patch

In any event, while not a turbulence free affair, One November Yankee is one flight worth taking.
Tom Chaits – Stage and Cinema

Hamlin and Swit are fine, but not even these venerable TV veterans can breathe life into Ravetch’s forced, pedestrian dialogue and patently contrived situations.
Bill Raden – LA Weekly

Though not as completely satisfying as one might have wished, One November Yankee makes for an evening of theater you’re likely to be talking quite a bit about once the lights have gone down on its startling, deliberately ambiguous final tableau.
Steven Stanley – StageSceneLA

As gimmicky as this might have come off, “One November Yankee” proves to be plenty humorous and rather deft. Even affecting.
Evan Henerson – LA Examiner

We enjoyed the production, and it was a nice change of pace from the musicals we usually see.
Daniel Faigin – Observations Along the Road

The NoHo Arts Center
11136 Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood
8 p.m. Thursdays through Saturdays, 3 p.m. Sundays; Ends Jan. 5, 2012
Tickets: $30; (818) 508-7101
running time: 2 hours

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