Casting for Brad Fraser’s Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love

Run Dates: approx. 2/14 – 3/3
Audition Dates: 11/26 and 11/28

All roles must be okay with adult content and some nudity.

BENITA: Female, age range 30-35, rear nudity.  Drug User, “trailer –trash”t ype, must be comfortable singing on stage
BERNIE: Male, age range 24-39, Hetrosexual, struggles with the walk of his best Friend, David
CANDY: Female, age range 25-30, must be ok with Full Nudity.  Bisexual, multiple sexual partners, and a bit out there
DAVID: Male, age range 27-32, Must be ok with Full Nudity.  Masculine, Comfortable Homosexual (but not flamboyant),  Boy Next Door type, sly and manipulative.
JERRI: Female, age range 25-30, must be ok with Full nudity.   Homosexual, athletic build.
KANE: Male, age range 17-19, must be ok with Full Nudity.  Confused about his sexual identity, young at heart, wild and free
ROBERT: Male, age range 35-50, must be ok with REAR nudity and boxer nudity.  Hetrosexual, the male voice of reason, the oldest of the men.

Email [email protected] your headshot and resume.

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About the Author: ENCI is an actor and recently turned writer and director. She is an urban cyclist, passionate about living intentionally, about leaving less behind and about living healthy. Enci is a member of SAG and AFTRA and is on the board of the 501(c)4 Bikeside and is co-founder of the Bike Writers Collective. Enci teaches all over town about web etiquettes and social media and is involved with the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council where she serves on the Arts & Culture Committee. Enci is passionate about leaning new things and currently she is studying ASL. You can visit her at or read about her adventures at

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