With its unique blend of humor and heart, complete with puppet sex, inappropriate language, Internet porn, partial puppet nudity, and a final message that reminds us that “Everything in life is only for now,” I guarantee you’ll leave with a smile on your face.
Ellen Dostal – Musicals in LA

DOMA Theatre Company presents its strongest production to date with the first L.A.-area intimate staging of Avenue Q, Robert Lopez, Jeff Marx, and Jeff Whitty’s 2004 Tony-winning Best Musical, brought to fresh new life by director extraordinaire Richard Israel and an ever-so-talented young cast.
Steven Stanley – StageSceneLA

A wonderful exploration of social issues- sex, gayness, internet porn, unemployment, drinking and dreams, both the singing puppets and their human counterparts are expressive and talented.
Serita Stevens – LASplash

It is wild and zany and absolutely beautiful.
Ron Irwin – LA Examiner

The show’s heart didn’t surprise me. This level of satire and spoof comes with intelligence and typically that means the production will have some heart for people to connect with. Here, it was effective.
Phillip Kelly – MadTheatrics

To my great surprise and delightful pleasure I am hear to report that the production by Doma is first rate.
Robert Machray – Stagehappenings

DOMA is an admirably ambitious company whose output has been variable, but I’m happy to report that its Avenue Q is firing on all cylinders.
Kurt Gardner – Blog Critics

The combination of sweet and sad makes for an affecting, universal experience that we can all relate to, no matter our backgrounds, interests or dreams.
Bryan Buss – EdgeLosAngeles

The talented cast has done a great job re-creating these characters in this hilarious mock Sesame Street.
Mickala Jauregui – A Little Night Musing

Director Richard Israel’s charming local production of the Tony Award-winning musical proves that the show plays brilliantly on a small, intimate stage.
Paul Birchall – LA Weekly

This is an ingeniously entertaining X-rated look at life! For mature teens and adults only … the script is loaded with love, lust, sex, porn, laughs, and life lessons!
Pat Taylor – Tolucan Times

If you’ve already seen Avenue Q in New York or in one of the touring shows, you will enjoy seeing it again through the DOMA Theatre.
Kimberly Rily – LifeInLA

Whether you need career advice, a kick out of the closet, emotional clarity in relationships or just wanna relive your childhood, DOMA’s “Avenue Q” is the place to be…for adults.
M.R. Hunter – EyeSpyLA

With what must be a fraction of the production dollars the Music Center has to mount their large venue musicals, able director Richard Israel and his equally competent production team of musical director Chris Raymond, choreographer Angela Todaro and puppet master Libby Letlow have crafted a finely tuned two hours of entertainment most large venues would be proud to achieve themselves.
Gil Kaan – CultureSpotLA

Director Richard Israel accounts himself well as do musical director Chris Raymond, and choreographer Angela Todaro who pool their talents into making “Avenue Q” both naughty and very, very nice.
Ernest Kearney – Working Author

DOMA Theatre Co.’s splendid current revival, in the 99-seat Met Theatre, demonstrates that this subversively funny show—combining humans and Muppet-like puppet characters—is most at home in an intimate space.
Christopher Cappiello – Frontiers

This, my third viewing of the smash Tony Award winning musical superhit Avenue Q, was by far the most joyous and rewarding of all.
Don Grigware – Grigware Reviews

If anything, the 99-seat MET Theatre affords a greater opportunity to appreciate the nuanced emotions these fuzzy creations can convey, particularly in the skilled puppeteering hands of Chris Kauffmann (doubling in the lead roles of naive college grad Princeton and closeted investment banker Rod), with Mark Whitten and Libby Letlow animating various supporting characters.
Philip Brandes – LA Times

Charming, sweet, novel and enormously entertaining, it is amazing to see such originality on stage: quite literally you have never seen the subject of this show before.
Dale Reynolds – Stagehappenings

“Avenue Q” is a lively production that will charm an adult audience.
Marilyn Tower Oliver – Los Feliz Ledger

Although Princeton does not discover his actual purpose, the ride on which he takes the audience is fun, quirky and unprecedented. It’s honestly no wonder why “Avenue Q” has received several Tonys: it’s just that darn good.
Natalia Evdokimova – Culver City News

DOMA Theatre Co. @ The MET Theatre
1089 N. Oxford Ave., Hollywood
Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00, Sundays at 3:00 and 7:30
Tickets: $30; (323) 802-4990

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