Welcome Jen Davis to Bitter Lemons!

Jen has been stalking me for years now, going through my garbage and my mail, kidnapping my cat, stealing my laundry, harassing my three-year old, instead of calling the police I finally surrendered myself to her hoping for a good old fashioned flogging or at least a full-body TP-ing, when in fact all she wanted to do was to write for the Lemon.

Thank God I surrendered because this gal is a kick ass writer. As you will soon find out.

We are honored to have her coming on board and beginning a new column that we will be calling “In the Belly of the Beast” (henceforth referred to as IBOB). IBOB will focus primarily on how LA Theater strives and thrives deep in the belly of this primarily TV and movie town. IBOB will focus on how the two mediums amplify, destabilize and revitalize each other. Or don’t. Jen also brings the fresh perspective of an “outsider” infiltrating our strange and mysterious community and we are looking forward to all the ridicule and humiliation that we collectively deserve from that perspective.

As you can see by the required 3rd person POV bio below, Jen clearly has the chops to deliver for the LemonHead Nation:

Jen Davis is a stranger in a strange land. Following a life of wandering and re-location (where am i? WHO AM I?) she made a decisive (drunken) decision to forsake all things holy and move to Southern California.

She recently received her BA in Theatre while narrowly avoiding a minor in philosophy. Jen has staged plays, mimes, sword fights, and cakewalks throughout the Pacific Northwest, most recently as Associate Artistic Director of Toy Boat Theatre Company. She seeks to revitalize and re-establish the theatre as a necessary part of American life through producing, writing, and generally crying out to anyone who will listen.

Her marketable skills include learning to juggle, baking, and persistence.

We might have to call on those baking skills for our annual LemonDinner, Jen.

Stay tuned for her first IBOB post coming very soon, LemonHeads.

Until then, let’s all rise from our collective chairs and give Jen a virtual Bitter Lemons round of applause and warm welcome!


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