Hollywood Fringe Profile: Three Tables at the Asylum

I met director Sam Vieira at Fringe Central Station on Tuesday night and we chatted about juggling day jobs, living room rehearsals and herding cats—you know, doing theater in LA.

Vieira (everything you think of when you think of a nice guy) and his producer, Dina Kampmeyer (“She‘s the organizing brains and I’m the passion,” says Vieira) have embarked on their very first Hollywood Fringe this year with the half-hour production of Three Tables (published by Samuel French) a one-act from accomplished writer/actor Dam Remmes.

As a director, Vieira simply picks the work which interests him and sets about doing it. There is no company of actors, no board of directors…just a love for putting up projects and collaborating with other artists. Armed with his degree in theater from California Lutheran University, Vieira (like so many of us) was trained in diverse areas—from acting and directing to technical direction.

“I discovered Fringe last year about two weeks before it started,” he told me. “I came and watched as many shows as I could, took some time off work to come down here…and thought to myself, ‘I can do this. In fact, I want to do this.’”

He did a few readings of plays before selecting a published short play he found in an anthology with writing he admired. Got a producer on board and held open call auditions to find actors. The script chronicles three couples in three very different points of their relationships and has been described in reviews as “charming” and “clever.”

“What’s great about the script is that the three separate couples never really interact with each other,” Vieira describes a challenging rehearsal schedule wrangling six busy actors. “We found a way to break up the rehearsals by couples, then bring everyone together at the very end.”

Vieira has found the 2012 Fringe just as inspiring as last year, again seeing as many shows as time and money will allow. Not only does he appreciate the range of shows available but the wealth of local talent covering all aspects of production with artistic insight and professionalism.

Vieira’s plan is to keep going and join the landscape of small theaters and producing entities all over Los Angeles. He already has a reading planned for August. Vieira and Kampmeyer are currently producing under the Samedi Productions banner (which might change). I sense a serious case of incurable theater flu has struck again in Los Angeles. There will be more to come from this team. See their show and share your thoughts in person or with an online a review.

Link to Three Tables at the Asylum

Running Time: 30 minutes    Tickets: $10

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Amy Tofte About the Author: Amy Tofte is a writer/director who worked way too hard for her SAG card that she stubbornly hangs on to. She has her MFA from CalArts (Writing for Performance) and has seen her work produced all over the country and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She is a founding member of Fierce Backbone in Los Angeles (a theater dedicated to all levels of play development) and a proud member of the Dramatists Guild of America. Visit Amy at http://amytofte.com

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