Thomas Viincent Kelly in "Bedfellows" at the McCadden Place Theatre. Credit: Daniel G. Lam.

Still, Bedfellows otherwise gathers enough momentum to, well, win an election or two. And how rare is it to see a play that’s set in the world of local LA politics?
Don Shirley – LA Stage Watch

Rose’s script intelligently defines these moral conflicts, and a committed cast make them visceral. The campaign machinations are not rendered with much insider detail or specificity — seasoned operatives would navigate these challenges very differently. As a result, the piece is more political fable than realistic exposé, but its reflections on compromised ideals still ring true.
Philip Brandes – LA Times

Unfortunately, so is the disingenuousness of act one, in which Rose oversells Mitchell as the reincarnation of Upton Sinclair. Director Jack Stehlin gets sterling performances from his ensemble (which includes Robert Cicchini, Marc Jablon and Jordan Lund), but even the best acting is no substitute for a blue pencil; Rose’s digressive and redundant script easily could lose 30 minutes.
Bill Raden – LA Weekly

Standing alone, it’s barely enough to hold your interest for a two-hour play.
Sharon Perlmutter – Talkin’ Broadway

New American Theatre
At McCadden Place Theatre
1157 N. McCadden Pl., Hollywood
Fri-Sat 8 pm, through June 2, 2012
Tickets: $34.50; (310) 701-0788
Running time: 2 hours, 10 minutes

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