Four Clowns: Lunatics & Actors

WHO: Produced by Four Clowns and The Clown School
WHAT: Four Clowns: Lunatics & Actors (Workshop) by David Bridel
directed by Jeremy Aluma and David Bridel
WHERE: Lyric Hyperion Theatre & Cafe (2106 Hyperion Ave. LA, CA 90027)
WHEN: Friday, [email protected] Saturday [email protected]
Friday, [email protected] Saturday, [email protected]

LUNATICS AND ACTORS features a demonstration of Duchenne’s experiments on 3 of his patients from a lunatic asylum in Paris. But there is a twist. Driven by his ambition to prove the mastery in his methods of generating authentic emotion, Duchenne decides to compare the results of his experiments on the lunatics with the “emotional authenticity” of an actor, whom he selects at random from the audience. And that’s when things get really strange.


Jon Monastero as DUCHENNE
and his Lunatics
Alexis Jones as FIFI
Raymond Lee 
Zach Steel 

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