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“Billy’s haunting 11th-hour ballad, “Electricity,” is the heart of what makes this show work, despite the production’s inherent sentimentality. As Billy explained why he must dance to auditors at a tryout for the Royal Ballet School, Forhan succeeded in bringing a lump to the throat of this hardened critic of musical theater. “I can’t really explain it,” Billy sings to the darkened house. “I suppose it’s like forgetting, losing who you are/And at the same time, something makes you whole.” There is no better or more concise description of the enigmatic drive that makes people need to follow the challenges of a life in the arts.”

Travis Michael Holder – from his review of “Billy Elliot The Musical” (Backstage)

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Colin Mitchell About the Author: COLIN MITCHELL: Actor/Writer/Director/Producer/Father, award-winning playwright and screenwriter, Broadway veteran, Marvel comics scribe, Van Morrison disciple, Zen-Catholic, a proud U.S. Army Brat conceived in Scotland and born in Frankfurt, Germany, currently living in Los Angeles and doing his best to piss off as many people as possible.

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