Aly Mawji and Christopher Foley in "Naked Before God" at InsideThe Ford. Credit: Chelsea Coleman.

We all like to say “support the theatre.” We should be more specific: Support GOOD theatre. Go see this show. Go because it is balls-deep funny. Go because Circle X wants to entertain YOU, not just themselves. And in the end, it’s all about mutual pleasure, isn’t it?
Andrew Moore – MadTheatrics (scroll down)

Geter also directs, and while the cast is pretty darn delightful, and the premise is a hoot, it doesn’t take long to feel bombarded by the jokes and long for something real. Attempts to mine for substance in characters other than Kristen feel false, though, so in the end “Naked Before God” is a tease.
Jennie Webb – Backstage

So, this project deserves another re-write before it next is produced, but for now it’s a romp and should be seen. Let’s rate it “R” for language and brief nudity, as well as for adult thinking.
Dale Reynolds – Stagehappenings

Author and Director Leo Geter has laced this problematic comedy with a lot of zest and zip, but there’s no central plot line to drive it to satisfactory conclusion. The actors all carve out interesting characters with amusing aplomb, but there’s no focus of theme. Left on it’s own it’s a multi-laugher with a sprinkling of sex good for an audience looking to just have a good time.
Robert Axelrod – Reviewplays

Circle X tries new things. Good on them. This World Premiere is from their writers’ group attached to the company. It is a bold first effort. Naked Before God, a broad farce, is immature and masturbatory, which may have been the goal.
Michael Sheehan – OnStageLosAngeles

Even more happily, the play is very funny, and the current production by Circle X Theatre Company is smart and eminently enjoyable.
Terry Morgan – LAist

Even as some characters could use fleshing-out (especially Duncan, Nick and Octavio), Leo Geter has written an engaging, entertaining and incredibly funny play, which is brought admirably to life by Circle X.
Barnaby Hughes – Stage and Cinema

It’s quite funny and makes some keenly observed remarks about families, the military, religion, hypocrisy, and sex.
Robert Machray – Blog Critics

This is not to say that the evening is devoid of cleverness or that the production might not jell as the run deepens. On the “Kearney-Comedy-Laff-Matic-Tron” while well below It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, it was certainly above The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer. Be your own judge.
Ernest Kearney – Working Author

But as a two-hour play, everything’s flung at the wall, where nothing sticks but the icky confirmation that sex is still currency.
Rebecca Haithcoat – LA Weekly

Wonderfully close to farce and deliciously more than satire, writer-director Leo Geter brings the dichotomy of these two seemingly opposite enterprises into hilarious coexistence.
Mary Wright – The Imitated Life

Once I settled into accepting that what I thought was going to be a bit of fantasy was actually a hyper realistic (and funny and extremely clever) look at who WE (the audience, the voters, the worshipful flock) are, I did what I was supposed to do from the beginning – went with it and had an engaging, fun and enlightening experience.
James Eliopulos – The Los Angeles Beat

Each of the characters is rounded out by the distinctively individualistic acting from Circle X’s cadre of performers. From Skinner’s Carol Burnett-like style to Clarke’s commando turn and Foley’s always ominous gee-whiz portrayal — all help bump the writing to the next level of laughter.
Leigh Kennicott – Stagehappenings

“Naked Before God” takes traditional family values and turns them on their side with hilarious results.
Obed Medina – EdgeLosAngeles

Naked Before God is the first full production to spring from the company’s writers’ group and, with financial and technical assistance from the L.A. County Arts Commission’s Winter Partnership program, the result is an appealing comedic soufflé that mixes top-notch production values with wickedly accomplished performances, but ultimately feels a little empty inside.
Christopher Cappiello – Frontiers

If you’re looking for the perfect date-night out then “Naked Before God” is better than seeing The Lucky One at the Cineplex. The after-show conversation will definitely be livelier. And if you’re into porn and things of that ilk, this is a better screener for a new lover than eHarmony.
M.R. Hunter – EyeSpyLA

Circle X Theatre Co.
At [Inside] the Ford
2580 Cahuenga Blvd. East, Hollywood
March 24–April 28, 2012; Thu.–Sat., 8 p.m.; Sun., 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.
Tickets: (323) 461-3673

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