"Tommy" presented by DOMA Theatre Company at the MET Theatre. Credit: Michael Lamont.

The production at the Met has no such saving grace.
Samuel Bernstein – Stage and Cinema

Thanks to its terrific cast and band, The Who’s Tommy starts DOMA’s 2012 season with a bang.
Steven Stanley – StageSceneLA

This captivating rock opera musical is largely due to the handsome, talented, charismatic young actor, Jess Ford, who plays the title role. Tommy is a brilliant choice of a show: fresh, fun, and rarely done. This production creatively re-interprets for new generations of fans.
Bonnie Priever – LA Examiner

“Tommy, can you hear me?” The answer is no, Tommy can’t hear you, and neither can anyone else at DOMA Theatre Company’s production of “The Who’s Tommy,” where poor sound design is just one of the show’s many flaws.
Katie Buenneke – Neon Tommy

This profound production is at times emotionally overwhelming, as the DOMA cast brings the characters fully alive and fleshes out the concept-album’s sometimes sketchy plot.
Ed Rampell – Rock Cellar Magazine

In this rendition of The Who’s TOMMY it has all come together to yield a very enjoyable and ultimately heartwarming show.
Ron Irwin – LA Examiner

The Los Angeles-based DOMA Theatre Company has taken on the challenge of mounting this juggernaut as the opener of its 2012 season, and it makes for a satisfying evening of classic rock.
Kurt Gardner – Blog Critics

The classic rock opera, The Who’s Tommy, being presented as the first of the season’s offering from Doma Theatre is energetic and alive with action and song.
Serita Stevens – LASplash

It’s a pretty meaningful and thought provoking trip … loaded with emotion-packed songs and performances! I hope to go back and catch it again!
Pat Taylor – Tolucan Times

The music is clearly DOMA’s first concern, and by and large, the onstage talent rocks the house. It is unfortunate that the direction and design work does not keep the tempo.
Andrew Moore – MadTheatrics (scroll down)

A successful revival of a classic or seminal work of theater depends on one of two things: Either the original is faithfully replicated with flawless execution, or the original is innovatively reinterpreted to shed new light on the source material. When neither of these is true, the production becomes an also-ran in the litany of remounts all classics endure, which is sadly the case here.
Mayank Keshaviah – LA Weekly

DOMA Theatre Company
At the Met Theatre
1089 N. Oxford Avenue, Los Angeles
Through April 15, 2012; Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00. Sundays at 3:00.
Tickets: (323) 465-0693

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