Chalk Repertory presents Amy Ellenberger and Tobie Windham in "Slither" at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Credit: Jeff Galfer.

Alas, her intentions in this play remain as obscure as the show is dull.
Jason Rohrer – Stage and Cinema

The script itself has moments of wisdom, but while its metaphors are evocative, they don’t add up to much. Under Casey Stangl’s direction, battered wife Reeves mistakes acting innocent for playing plumb stupid. Is her point that millennia after cool, confident Eve, women are regressing? I hope not.
Amy Nicholson – LA Weekly

Kreizer’s writing is at times, but not always, just a little bit too trite and self-satisfied, and certainly goes a bit overboard with romantic notions. Casey Stangl easily overcomes this through invigorating direction, wide use of the performance space, and by fostering a highly voyeuristic atmosphere to summon the audience.
Mialka Bonadonna Morano – LAist

With their production of SLITHER by Carson Kreitzer at the Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Chalk’s ‘unique location’ approach falls flat, leaving the audience wondering exactly why they have to crane their neck around to ping pong from one mini set to the next.
Howard Cohen – Thomas Hampton Reviews

Chalk Repertory Theatre Presents
Hollywood Forever Cemetery Mason Lodge
6000 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles
Through March 4, 2012
Tickets: (877) 435-9849; $25

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  1. Jason Rohrer Jason Rohrer says:

    Dear Mr Lemonmeter,

    I write my own reviews for Stage and Cinema. While the esteemed Tony Frankel edits and publishes them, and while I am grateful for his wise counsel, I do take exception to your crediting him with writing a review of my own. My critique of the show above is based on my viewing experience, not Mr Frankel’s, and I’m sure he would rather be quoted for his own work than for mine.

    I assume your error to have been predicated on the pun in my review’s headline, which is indeed the handiwork of Mr Frankel; but the tone and content of the article are nobody’s fault but mine. Although I very much appreciate being included among your guests here at the most prestigious of Los Angeles theater publications, I would like to have my attributions when possible.


    Tony Frank-
    … er, Jason Rohrer
    (wow. it is an easy mistake to make, isn’t it?)

  2. Our LemonMeter editor has been fired, Jason. Apologies for the error. I think he was drunk this morning when he posted.