Blake Kushi, top, trains his team, Chris Takemoto-Gentile, Mapuana Makia, Kelsey Chock and Jared Asato in “Three Year Swim Club” at the David Henry Hwang Theatre. Credit: Michael Lamont.

All of these elements come together to warm your heart so powerfully that you may feel it has vacationed in Maui.
Margaret Gray – LA Times

Still, there’s something particularly special about the theatricality of East West Players’ delightful live staging. As both history lesson and losers-turned-winners tale, Three Year Swim Club works quite niftily indeed.
Steven Stanley – StageSceneLA

Because of the villainless story, it was difficult for me to be satisfied with anything short of an Olympic Gold medal, though the play’s message is to be a champion in life. The push-and-pull of having to fight an antagonist can make the smallest win a victory.
Ken Choy – Wide Lantern

The real star of the play is the hula dancing though. The director, Keo Woolford, said he jumped at the chance to direct because he (who is also a hula dancer) loved the concept of metaphorically representing the action of swimming through hula. The result is beautiful.
Claire Pires – Blogdowntown

Ultimately, the heart-felt performances in Three Year Swim Club honored the real-life story more than the script could.
Tony Frankel & Jeanne Hartman – Stage and Cinema

It’s one of those feel-good sports tales that tugs at the heart, even though it’s somewhat predictable.
Lovell Estell III – LA Weekly

Directed with a gentle hand by Keo Woolford and starring a likable Hawaiian native ensemble, Three Year Swim Club succeeds because it doesn’t try to be more than it is — a predictable, uplifting morality tale about teamwork and perseverance.
Jeff Favre – LA Downtown News

Lively and full of personality, this one is well worth seeing.
Mia Nakaji Monnier – Rafu Shimpo

Three Year Swim Club by Lee Tonouchi is a bundle of good intentions that attempts to achieve that feel-good bliss that Disney sports movies strive for. And while it is successful on many levels, ultimately it’s hard to generate enough stand-up-and-cheer gleefullness when the main thing to cheer for can’t be portrayed on stage.
Kevin P. Taft – Frontiers

This heart–warming tale lingers long after it’s over. This was Three Year Swim Club one of my most memorable experiences at this theatre.
Robert Machray – Stagehappenings

East West Players
David Henry Hwang Theater
120 N. Judge John Aiso St., L.A.
Fri.-Sat., 2 & 8 p.m.; Sun. 2 p.m.; through Aug. 19, 2012
Tickets: $26 to $36; (213) 625-7000
Running time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

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