The “Clybourne” Supremacy

Was lucky enough to catch Bruce Norris’ Clybourne Park at the Taper this week, this after seeing A Raisin in the Sun  a couple of weeks ago at the Kirk Douglas. Thanks to the press folk over there for making it happen!

The production of “Clybourne” is simply breathtaking. A Pulitzer well earned. The writing is so clever and the production so well executed by actors and director alike, well, it’s just everything one could ask for from a night on the boards. Pure brilliance. While all the actors are spectacular across the board, Frank Wood needs to receive special praise. In the first act he is heroic, heartbreaking and hilarious, while in the second act he vanishes into the role of the handyman. Fantastic. That Scott Rudin almost let his ego get in the way, almost stalling this production from going to Broadway, well, it says more about him than it does the production. Glad they sorted all that out!

Having “Raisin” and “Clybourne” playing simultaneously, well, gotta give CTG some serious props for putting the whole thing together. This is an opportunity to see two American masterpieces written fifty years apart from each other. I know it’s CTG, but if you can fenangle some good tickets, don’t miss this opportunity, LemonHeads. I think both are closing very, very soon.

Stage and Cinema critic, Harvey Perr, puts it best:

“To borrow the thought, the first act of Clybourne Park is a masterpiece; the second act, merely brilliant. This is just about the most powerful and provocative theatrical experience I’ve had watching a new American play since Tony Kushner’s Angels in America.”

Yep. Felt the same way. Well done, CTG! Keep it up.

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  1. MR Hunter says:

    And the boots were killer.

  2. Indeed. Think I still owe you on that one.