"Love Sick" at the Elephant Theatre. Credit: Salvator Xuereb.

The writing, tech and performances combine into a hugely entertaining event.
Pauline Adamek – LA Weekly

Nonetheless, the performers do creditable work, particularly Hoover as the hapless antiheroine, Rains as the wolf in sheep’s clothing, and Christopher Game as a salacious self-help guru with a personal agenda. The not-quite-realistic dimension where the story unfolds is imaginatively conveyed by Joel Daavid and Adam Haas Hunter’s edgy scenic design and Matt Richter’s austere lighting.
Les Spindle – Backstage

“Love Sick” may be a handful of promising scenes commandeered by a gimmicky plot. But the scenes are so promising, so playful, so crackling with theatricality, insight, personality and wit, that not even the tacked-on ending can cramp their style.
Margaret Gray – LA Times

The production works because the script gets us to sympathize with Emily (Tell me you’ve never felt that way) even though, ultimately, she misread the situation. Because the production nicely balances comedy and mayhem. And because the performances are so vivid that you’ll quickly inventory your own romantic history before you get outside the theatre.
James Scarborough – Huffington Post

‘Love Sick’ written by Kristina Poe and directed by David Fofi is described as ‘a graphic tale that follows one woman’s dark and comic quest for revenge’. It is definitely that…but it’s also a very original, and brilliantly acted play that I absolutely loved.
J.A. Schwartz – LA Examiner

Can a play with an abrasive and unsympathetic lead character succeed and be compelling for an audience? In the case of Kristina Poe’s new play, Love Sick, the answer is yes. Despite the psychotically self-righteous protagonist, the show is full of abundant dark comedy, and the world premiere production by the Elephant Theatre Company benefits from a terrific cast.
Terry Morgan – LAist

Poe’s play has one group therapy scene that corresponds in both quality and risibility to the dinner party scene in Kvetch. 99-Seat Plan plays in LA seldom run for three years nowadays (the Equity rules changed since Kvetch opened), but Love Sick, as staged by David Fofi, would be worthy of such a run if it were still feasible.
Don Shirley – LA Stage Watch

Director Fofi has described Love Sick as something different for Elephant Theatre Company, but when has ETC ever been anything but different … in the best sense of the word? Following Supernova, Parasite Drag, The Little Flower Of East Orange, and 100 Saints You Should Know, Love Sick provides further evidence that Elephant Theatre Company is at the top of the L.A. herd.
Steven Stanley – StageSceneLA

Overall, the story is one that will ring true with anyone who has ever suffered a broken heart. The play encompasses the aftermath of heartbreak, questioning, rage, torment, revenge and ultimate healing. The cast is alive, reactive, and just plain down fun to watch.
Captain Loco – Great Big Ole Mess

However, the characters and dialogue are authentic and compelling, and director David Fofi pulls it all together nicely and is quickly becoming one of my favorite directors in LA.
Joel Elkins – LA Theatre Review

Love Sick is one of those harrowing plays that the Elephant and David Fofi love to put on. To be fair, I think the plays are chosen because they are new and edgy and Fofi is a master at the edgy. His casts almost always seem real and willing to go out on limbs.
Robert Machray – Stagehappenings

Elephant Theatre Company
Theatre Asylum (previously at the Elephant Space Theatre)
6320 Santa Monica Boulevard  Los Angeles, CA 90038
Thurs.-Sat., 8 p.m.; EXTENDED THROUGH DEC. 17, 2011
Tickets: $20; (877) 369-9112
Running time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

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