"Private Lives" at the International City Theatre, Long Beach Performing Arts Center. Credit: Carlos Delgado.

Combining witty dialogue with glamorous flair, flamboyant characters – including the wildly hilarious maid, Louise (Wendy Cutler), who does not make long enough of an appearance – charming sets, and subtly intelligent comedy, Private Lives is well-executed on the stage of the International City Theatre.
Parimal M. Rohit – Buzzine

A wonderful cast consisting of theatre actors Jennice Butler (Sibyl), Freddy Douglas (Elyot Chase), Caroline Kingsolving (Amanda) and Adam J. Smith (Victor) proves that there is still a small classically trained group of actors in L.A. who are maybe more versatile and fascinating to watch on stage than any young to-date film+ TV actors in Hollywood.
Sandra Plazinic – LASplash

For a comedy that’s now reached the ripe old age of seventy one, Noël Coward’s Private Lives remains as young, fresh, and lively as ever—and those in need of proof need simply check out the terrific Private Lives revival now playing at Long Beach’s International City Theatre.
Steven Stanley – StageSceneLA

In a vacuum, this production of Private Lives was satisfactorily constructed: each actor fulfilled a role that contributed to the playwright’s story, the design aspects complemented the whole, and the package was wrapped quite nicely. By ICT’s high standards, Noel Coward’s play doesn’t stand out like some of the other works in recent past (A Shayna Maidel, The Old Settler). Not that this is any one person’s fault, or that this is even a bad thing, not at all. International City Theatre has simply set a high bar for themselves, and Yankee’s Private Lives makes the grade, but doesn’t excel.
Marlon Deleon – LA Examiner

Director Luke Yankee skillfully showcases the musicality of Noel Coward’s wry dialogue in this spot-on production.
Amy Lyons – LA Weekly

Noël Coward’s classic 1930 comedy all too often endures an overly mannered treatment, pushing the arch sophistication at the expense of the darker edges, or vice versa. No such problems plague this satisfying revival, which unfolds with equal measures of crisp assurance and spontaneous feeling.
David C. Nichols – Backstage

Coward’s brilliant dialogues are delivered almost flawlessly by the cast, and no small joke will be missed. But don’t take this play too seriously, or you risk hating rather than loving this flippant effort.
Ray Luo – Stagehappenings

With that out of the way, prepare for a very special treat at International City Theatre where “Private Lives” opened last week to the delight of everyone in the audience. That includes yours truly.
Shirle Gottlieb – Stagehapppenings

Every once in a while a production comes along that is sheer perfection. Noel Coward’s timeless “Private Lives,” on stage at the International City Theatre, at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center, is one of those rare theatrical experiences.
Beverly Cohn – LASplash

First-class venue, marvelous material, top notch production; the only thing that could have made it better was the cast and crew chipping in to help pay my mortgage.
Ernest Kearney – WorkingAuthor

International City Theatre
Long Beach Performing Arts Center
300 E. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach
Thursdays through Sundays through September 18, 2011. All shows are at 8:00 p.m. Except Sundays, 2:00 p.m. matinee
Tickets: (562) 436-4610; Thursday $37, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday $44

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