The 25 “Most Artistic” Colleges in America 2011

I’m not sure what that means – “most artistic” – but here’s the 2011 list from the Daily Beast.

And look who’s ranked first!

Our very own CalArts.

Oh, and Occidental’s in the mix.

Yeah and USC. Yawn.

The 2011 25 Most Artistic Colleges in America

  1. California Institute of the Arts
  2. Emerson College
  3. Berklee College of Music
  4. New York University
  5. Mannes College (The New School)
  6. Muhlenberg College
  7. SUNY College at Oneonta
  8. University of Southern California
  9. Colorado College
  10. Vassar College
  11. Occidental College
  12. Kenyon College
  13. Wesleyan University
  14. Whitman College
  15. Cornell University
  16. CUNY City College
  17. Carnegie Mellon University
  18. Northwestern University
  19. University of Rochester
  20. Rhode Island School of Design
  21. Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
  22. Bard College
  23. Oberlin College
  24. Cleveland Institute of Music
  25. Albright College

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  1. Trevor Thomas says:

    Yeah, and since Julliard and the Brooklyn Academy of Music grind out engineers and statisticians by the truckload no reason they should be on the list.

  2. A Producer says:

    And you’d be shocked to learn how many artists come out of MIT!