“It’s the sole property of memory.” – French Stewart

French Stewart and new wife Vanessa Claire Smith do second line down New Orleans' Saint Peter Street following their June marriage at Preservation Hall.

Just read this truly wonderful article entitled LA Small Theatre – Weird Little Pirate Ships over at LA Stage Times from actor French Stewart.

What I like most about it is how he gets to the heart of what makes theatre unique and why things like live-tweeting, live streaming, and other attempts to wrestle live theatre into some form of internet commodity are really an impossibility.

Check this chunk of magic from the French:

I find true hope in this. In a modern world where entertainment flows directly into your home, this might be hard to understand. Television, computers and even your phone are all capable of “drowning” you with easy entertainment at the push of a button. So why small theater? A couple of years ago I told a friend I was doing another play and she seemed really perplexed. “Why are you still doing this, French? It’s an irrelevant art form. You might as well concentrate on CAVE PAINTING!”

Indeed. For me it’s really simple. It’s a small group of people making something for another small group of people. It’s the same feeling you get when someone sends you an actual letter, prepares a meal for you, or helps you move furniture. It’s personal. Time has been taken, effort expressed. It connects both parties in a very direct way. Plus, you’ve had an experience that isn’t held hostage on hard drive or film. It’s the sole property of memory. Lovely.

Indeed. Lovely.

Check out the article, Lemon Heads. It’s a gem.

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  1. Trevor Thomas says:

    What an exquisite sentiment. It ought to remind the grumblers that all roads do not lead to a network series – nor should they. Some lead to genuine art.