Audition: A Record of Light

Site-Specific World Premiere

A Record of Light

by Jesse Bliss
Produced by Peter Woods

Fall 2011 Downtown Los Angeles@ The Last Bookstore

“You don’t come out of this life alive…to know your life’s purpose is to dare to go where it leads…” The complete sacred knowledge of all human experience is being housed in secret, in a downtown Los Angeles bookstore. Orelia Key, a woman whose spirit moves faster than her body can any longer handle, is determined to access it. On this mission, she encounters denizens of the bookstore, analog people, who in a world of technology, discover the link between body and the substance of the soul.

ORELIA KEY (30s, African American or Latina) Living faster than her body is able to handle is finally catching up with her, keeps making the same mistakes over again as a result of a hard life from childhood on. Determined to finally learn her lessons, she urgently needs access to the Akashic Records to learn of her soul’s purpose to save her life.

ROOSEVELT CITIZEN (mid to late 30s, Southern, African American) A professor…Just came from attending his beloved mother’s funeral. Goes to the bookstore looking for the books written on his mother’s research list to continue the critical non-violence work she was doing when she died. Faced with mortality and grief, he is awakened to seeking the true purpose of his life.

CHARMAINE PATEL (30s, East Indian, Asian or Caucasian) The Gatekeeper/Reader of the ancient Hindu Akashic Records. Very hard exterior, guarded, seemingly cold woman. People always want something of her, lots of responsibility with her job. Works under the auspice of bookstore employee, but the records are housed in secret there where she gives readings. Has experienced a great deal of loss of the people she loves. Has a blindspot with her own life. Beneath a rough exterior, lies a woman longing to love and be loved.

ALFREDO SERRATO (Mid to late 30’s) Recently released from prison, his cousin got him work as a mechanic. Was injured doing time and is bound to a wheelchair. Regular at the bookstore. Very charismatic, funny and charming character. Highly intelligent, self educated. Finds the bookstore and books to be his only solace from the world as he tries to get his bearings after being incarcerated so long. Must be very careful to steer clear of anybody affiliated with the life he once lived prior to being arrested. Trying to find his place in the world.

THEDA BELLE (30’s, Latina) A singer with a severe vocal injury, unable to speak. Very passionate and powerful woman, at a loss in her given circumstances. Trying to find her way in the world without the use of her voice, learning a new way to be. Wants nothing more than to heal and uncover the mystery of her existence. Freedom in herself is her ultimate quest.

TERRY TRIPLETT (mid 30s to early 40s) A drag queen and drag show host. Looks like a man, dresses feminine, but not always in drag. Very funny, yet has great of depth of character and emotion. Feels trapped by his own body and is rejected by his family. Uses humor to maintain in a world that does not accept him.

Show opens Oct.7. Runs Fri.& Sat. through Oct. 29 with possibility of extension.

Auditions: 6 pm-10 pm Thurs. Sept. 1, 2011. Callbacks Sun. Sept. 4 2-6 pm.

Email to Set up Audition: [email protected]

Audition Location: The Santa Fe Building 560 South Main Street Unit C3 LA, CA 90013

Parking: There is a $6 maximum lot across the street on Main. Gentleman you can park on Los Angeles St. around the corner, Ladies for safety the lot is the best option.

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