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The Thursday Thought

The Thursday Thought

A Thursday Thought for all your Twitterites out there. Feast upon the glory.

Assistant Director wanted

The Odyssey Theatre is looking for an assistant director for its upcoming production of Juan Mayorga’s “Way to Heaven” directed by Ron Sossi, the artistic director of the Odyssey Theatre. The show is opening on October 1st, rehearsals are on weeknights and on weekends during the day. There is no pay, but this is a […]



SWEET The Porters Of Hellsgate have chosen one of Shakespeare’s most controversial plays as their latest offering in this, their fifth season. It’s a play that contains so much antisemitism Adolf Hitler used it as a source of propaganda. It’s play where the heroes we are to root for brandish Christianity as a weapon. But […]



BITTER As Sondheim and Lapine’s masterwork is rarely revived, it’s a shame that this isn’t a worthier rendition. Les Spindle – Backstage BITTER The events may be credible, but the spin the authors put on them fails to convince. There are competent performances by the three principals, Reynolds, Zana, and Cook, but the large set […]



BITTER What’s wonderful about Cody Henderson’s new play is its striving. Henderson clearly loves science and ideas and wants to tackle the big questions. The trouble is in Wonderlust his reach exceeds his grasp. While he creates the circumstances to pose the questions, he hasn’t found the underlying structure or drive to spur his characters […]

The 25 "Most Artistic" Colleges in America 2011

The 25 “Most Artistic” Colleges in America 2011

I’m not sure what that means – “most artistic” – but here’s the 2011 list from the Daily Beast. And look who’s ranked first! Our very own CalArts. Oh, and Occidental’s in the mix. Yeah and USC. Yawn. The 2011 25 Most Artistic Colleges in America California Institute of the Arts Emerson College Berklee College of […]

Jennifer v. Jennifer

Jennifer v. Jennifer

Found this rare footage via our friend Ms. Grammer Priss. Jennifer Holliday doing “You’re Gonna Love Me” on some wacky Tony Randall hosted show. I’m not a big musical buff, but, yeah, Jennifer Hudson was good when she did this in the movie version of “Dreamgirls”, real good, and she deserved the Oscar, but man, […]

EST/L.A. Seeks Experienced ASM for HOUSE OF GOLD

EST-L.A. is seeking an experienced ASM for HOUSE OF GOLD, which will run weekends at The Atwater Village Theatre. There is a stipend of $500.00 and the  ideal candidate will be available for most evening and weekend rehearsals starting Sept. 6th, as well as the following key dates: Load-In: Oct. 1st. Tech (10 of 12s): […]



SWEET That being said, it’s hard to imagine the piece having more impact, thanks to a finely tuned ensemble who bring heartfelt camaraderie-amid-adversity to the six memorably vivid beauty shop regulars in a sleepy Louisiana parish. Philip Brandes – LA Times SWEET Steel Magnolias further cements the Rubicon’s reputation as one of Southern California’s premier […]

"Bringing intact shows to regional theatres puts vision out of business by promoting art outside its own sphere..." - Tony Frankel

“Bringing intact shows to regional theatres puts vision out of business by promoting art outside its own sphere…” – Tony Frankel

In his review of This currently playing at the Kirk Douglas Theatre, Tony Frankel from Stage and Cinema offered this bold line: Being that four of the original five designers came to the Kirk Douglas from NYC, one wonders if Off-Broadway will soon have bus-and-truck productions that hop from regional theater to regional theater.  John […]



SWEET “Day Drinkers,” staged by Bart DeLorenzo with a fine cast of Tanner regulars, is far from the scribe’s funniest or best-crafted piece, but may be his most humane and emotional one to date. Bob Verini – Variety SWEET The play has its lazier side: Bradley is more surprising being incisive than pompous, and he […]

Advok@ Spotlight: Virginia Avenue Project

Advok@ Spotlight: Virginia Avenue Project

With the nation’s attention focused on the theatrics of our partisan politicians, the state of California taking a knife to “frivolous social programming,” and recent grim reports  on the performance of the American education system, it is no wonder scores of children are “left behind” when it comes to arts’ education. It should be a small […]

"It’s the sole property of memory." - French Stewart

“It’s the sole property of memory.” – French Stewart

Just read this truly wonderful article entitled LA Small Theatre – Weird Little Pirate Ships over at LA Stage Times from actor French Stewart. What I like most about it is how he gets to the heart of what makes theatre unique and why things like live-tweeting, live streaming, and other attempts to wrestle live theatre […]

I Love Lucy® Live on Stage

I Love Lucy® Live on Stage

Lucy, Ricky, Fred, and Ethel: America’s favorite foursome… live on stage and in color for the very first time! Click here to see the teaser video! For the world premiere of I Love Lucy® Live on Stage, a musical comedy tribute to the most popular and longest-running television show in history at the Greenway Court […]

The Monday Moment

The Monday Moment

An animated visual depiction of the growing pestilence of unemployment in our country. Click here, then click play. Pretty frightening, like a growing gangrenous thing. Ugh. Happy Monday! Hat tip, Lee Wochner.

Lamenting the Loss of the Intermission or "I Just Gotta Pee!"

Lamenting the Loss of the Intermission or “I Just Gotta Pee!”

Saw Gospel According to First Squad last weekend. Powerful acting, solid direction, had some problems with the play itself, its message was a little muddled in my opinion, but overall it’s a pretty stirring evening in the theatre, especially the first hour. And they’ve just extended through Sep. 23 and made the rest of their run […]

Critique of the Week

Critique of the Week

BEAU JEST Jason Rohrer – Stagehappenings “Beau Jest”, James Sherman’s long-lived 1989 farce, belongs to the line of broad, formulaic stage entertainments that gave birth to the television situation comedy. You and I may differ on whether this tree has produced a good fruit or a social evil, but I surrender the point that it […]

Critique of the Week - Runner Up

Critique of the Week – Runner Up

BLACKBIRD Anthony Byrnes – Opening the Curtain There’s an experience you can only have in an intimate theater. I’m not talking small theater, say 99 seats. I’m talking intimate – like half that size. When a theater’s that tiny there’s an energy that’s possible that is absolutely exhilarating…and at times horribly uncomfortable. If the play […]

Critique of the Week - Runner Runner Up

Critique of the Week – Runner Runner Up

BLACKBIRD by Steven Leigh Morris – LA Weekly Late August is a quiet season in L.A. theater. Typically, September comes roaring in with new productions in theaters large and small. Those seasonal rhythms haven’t changed much, even with the slicing and dicing effects of the 2008 recession. True to the season, this August has seen […]

The Saturday Saying

The Saturday Saying

“That L.A. should be experiencing a play as fine as this six years after its premiere, on the bounce from New York and Chicago, is disconcerting, especially since it’s not unusual. Len Jenkin’s intriguing Margo Veil appeared here at the Odyssey Theatre this year, six years after its premiere at New York’s Flea Theatre. Alan […]

Audition: A Record of Light

Site-Specific World Premiere A Record of Light by Jesse Bliss Produced by Peter Woods Fall 2011 Downtown Los Angeles@ The Last Bookstore “You don’t come out of this life alive…to know your life’s purpose is to dare to go where it leads…” The complete sacred knowledge of all human experience is being housed in […]

Moliere's "Le Misanthrope" at the Knightsbridge

Moliere’s “Le Misanthrope” at the Knightsbridge

Alceste is disgusted with mankind. Everywhere he looks he sees dishonesty, greed, and flattery. The irony is that he is hopelessly in love with Celimene, the biggest flirt and gossip in high society. The Knightsbridge Theatre presents Moliere’s satiric comedy, “Le Misanthrope,” presented in the opulent style of the French Baroque Theatre. Become a part of […]

For Hire: Arts for All Development Associate

The Los Angeles County Arts Commission seeks a full-time development associate. This contract position will support the Arts for All arts education collaborative in achieving its development goals. RESPONSIBILITIES * Conducts research on grant opportunities and makes recommendations on funders to approach to support Arts for All * Coordinates and updates Arts for All’s short […]

Looking for Daffy Duck: The Decline of the One-Person Show - by Tony Frankel

Looking for Daffy Duck: The Decline of the One-Person Show – by Tony Frankel

LOOKING FOR DAFFY DUCK by Tony Frankel After watching Joe Hernández-Kolski’s Awake at the Bootleg last week, something felt amiss. Here was a perfectly engaging guy doing his best to write and perform a new solo show which had varying degrees of success, and yet it left me lukewarm. Not mad or sorry that I […]

Fountain Theatre hiring house manager

The Fountain Theatre is interviewing for a House Manager position – either as a permanent or swing position. Performances are Thursday-Saturday at 8pm. Sundays at 2pm. There is pay. If interested, please email  [email protected]

Pay What You Want Theatre

Pay What You Want Theatre

Some of you know that Los Angeles’ Couerage Theatre Company has been exclusively a “Pay What You Want” company since their inception.  Recently, I found this video on the Theatre Forte Blog site. It’s from a fellow named Matt Slaybaugh from the Available Light Theatre in Columbus, Ohio.  They implemented the PWYW model back in […]



BITTER Pagano knows there are some intriguing racial and cultural issues buried in his story, but his efforts to sweat them out aren’t working. Is Thomas’ Cary Grant shtick insanity or just his idealization of a life that transcends his prison? We’re led to flip-flop back and forth. By the time the play clutches at […]



SWEET Two phenomenally versatile actors currently command the Zephyr stage with their “Greater Tuna”-esque 15 character portrayals in playwright Marie Jones’ Olivier Award-winning “Stones in His Pockets.” Gil Kaan – Culture Spot LA SWEET Director Zeljko Djukic’s rendition taps into the talents of Andrew Friedman and Jerry Richardson, who clearly relish the opportunity to create […]



SWEET This reviewer loves challenging theater, but this light, frothy evening is simply a delight. If you’re overdue to take your favorite aunt to the theater, would it kill you to bring her to a performance of Beau Jest? Jeanne Hartman – Stage and Cinema SWEET Playwright Sherman milks the situation for every bit of […]

The Thursday Thought

The Thursday Thought

I have been a telemarketer. It’s a brutal job. But it still requires a certain tact and sensitivity and when that tact and sensitivity is neglected, well then it’s time to call in The Family Guy. As this gentleman did. The result is quite hilarious.