Feet to the Fire

Is it just me or are Don Shirley’s capsule reviews over at LA CityBeat just a little less “capsular”?

Now I’m certainly not going to take credit for this even though we did have a good old fashioned tussle a little while back. Nevertheless, I’ve always found that honorable men become a little bit more honorable when you challenge their honor.

Kudos, Don!

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Colin Mitchell About the Author: COLIN MITCHELL: Actor/Writer/Director/Producer/Father, award-winning playwright and screenwriter, Broadway veteran, Marvel comics scribe, Van Morrison disciple, Zen-Catholic, a proud U.S. Army Brat conceived in Scotland and born in Frankfurt, Germany, currently living in Los Angeles and doing his best to piss off as many people as possible.

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  1. Don Shirley says:

    Actually, the extra length is due to the fact that the editors moved my mini-reviews from the stage page of the print version to the “Eight Days” listings in the back of the book, as part of more general changes in the layout of the paper.

    In the previous location, space limitations prevented me from writing more than 350 words for all of any given week’s mini-reviews, no matter how many new reviews there were that week. “Eight Days” provides a lot more space. We’re now re-running some of the previous reviews of still-running shows as well as the week’s new reviews.

    However, the print version still has only about half the number of reviews that are online, in Currently Playing at lacitybeat.com.

  2. Damn you, Don! I was trying to make myself look relevant and there you go gettin’ all practical on me. Oh well. Back to insignificance…