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For those of you still perusing this site, I apologize for my lack of posting.  Been very busy with a couple of writing projects and a short film I wrote and directed.  But I’ve been glancing at reviews and what-not over the past couple weeks, keeping an eye on the “elites” if you will.  And […]


In continuing this discussion, reader, Stewart Skeleton makes a good point here: “The studios will never pay for the simple reason that there are so many actors and other theatre makers who will foot the bill for them. We’re doing it every day with every waiver production.” It’s true.  We are already nuturing the artists […]

A Footprint in Time

Okay I’ve been browsing through a copy of The History of American Theatre, Volume I in my spare time and I’ve been rethinking this whole theatre critic thing – not their major flaws and lack of standards and quality here in LA mind you – but rather, their absolute necessity to the history of American Theatre. Professional […]


This is a topic that gathered some steam on the Big Cheap Theatre site a few years ago and actually led to a couple of meetings and some interesting ideas, that unfortunately, never took root, nor bore fruit.  It’s a little off-topic from reviewers and critics, but it includes them on the periphery… The idea […]

The Art of Theatre Criticism

Ran across this excellent article at Hippo Press in my cyber travels. Seems to cover a lot of this ground much better than I do. And it also quotes all sorts of notable contemporary critics who actually know what they’re talking about…or at least SOUND like they know what they’re talking about. Also some great […]

The Conversation

Back in the day, when print was profound and eloquence was…well…eloquent…playwrights and critics used to have running…er…well…”feuds”. I’m going to call them “conversations” for the sake of civility. A play would open, the critic would publish their review in the paper, if the playwright didn’t agree he would post a letter or a commentary in […]

The Night Of The Iguana” reviews

LA TIMES By Charles McNulty, Times Theater Critic A Noise Within knows the soul of Tennessee Williams’ ‘The Night of the Iguana.’ If the test of a successful revival is communicating a play’s essence, A Noise Within’s production of “The Night of the Iguana” should be heartily applauded. The deep spiritual grappling that animates Tennessee […]

Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Jerk

Okay, this is a wee bit after the fact, but I’ve been wanting to mention it to ANYONE and EVERYONE ever since I heard about it – and actually HAVE to the annoyance of my closest friends – as a perfect example of the degradation of theatre criticism in Los Angeles.  I’m referring to the […]

Butts in the Seats

The million dollar question: How do you get ‘em in the seats? Quality production, topical subject matter, spectacle, controversy, established theatre, name actors, great reviews, word of mouth, creative marketing, heavy advertising. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. And even with all of those elements humming at their highest pitch, […]

The Tangled Web We Weave

Does a lack of editorial oversight diminish the quality of a review? In perusing a multitude of reviews over the past couple weeks I’ve noticed that those from websites and cyber-zines and blogs seem to be more lacking than those from established print publications. Not always, of course, those publications that try to review EVERYTHING […]

“The Concept of Remainders” reviews

LA WEEKLY By Mayank Keshaviah GO THE CONCEPT OF REMAINDERS In its world premiere, Richard Martin Hirsh’s examination of midlife crises features two couples who become very close. Mac (Dan Gilvezan) and Mary (Suzanne Ford) live a comfortable suburban life, but on the eve of another birthday, Mac is restless. For his present, Mary offers […]

Defending Elitism

Should a critic be an elitist? In these political dog-days that we find ourselves, there is all this whining and complaining about our candidates being “elitist” and “out of touch” with the normal folk. It got me thinking about theatre critics, which is a natural step of course, politician-critic. Except, I’m not sure, when it […]