Vanity Fair’s Jimmy Im Calls Theater Community an “Abusive Bunch”

Shame on you! You bunch of heathens, rogues and ruffians you! You roughed poor Jimmy but good! The image of the LA Theater Community – or ANY theater community for that matter – as an angry mob, a marauding troupe of thugs and rapscallions raining down retribution on the unbelievers is really quite awesome. Check [...]

Happy Hedwig Opening, My Brother!

Tonight. She returns. Tonight I wish I was in New York. Tonight. And of course in this share-everything-news-as-it-happens world, I absolutely loved reading this as an actual “news” item. Perrrfect. Apparently she’s been away farrrr too long. Break legs, twist knees, pull hammys, Johnny! UPDATED: That “little bitch” apparently likes it.

Spoiler Alert: Don Shirley Likes a Good Spoiler

Great “essay’ by Downer Don over at LA Observed. This one is about the value of a good spoiler in a theater review. Check it: Theater is ephemeral. In LA, most productions are available for only a few weeks or months — compared to the relative permanence of movies, TV series and books. Of course, [...]

Critique of the Week

Jennifer K. Hugus of The Los Angeles Beat has an interesting “reviewing” style, sort of a “first person eye witness account” of the show she’s seen. Sometimes she loses me in her rather refracted lens world and I never really get a sense for the show she’s seeing, only her, which might be what’s she’s [...]

Critique of the Week – Runner Up

What I love most about this review is that although Rose clearly was not thrilled with this show, her review actually makes me want to go and see it. TASTE Rose Desena – The Los Angeles Post The past two weeks have been interesting in terms of shows. First, I saw a psychopathic teenager and [...]

The Saturday Saying

“The sophisticated, snarky bon mots of Noel Coward floated up and got lost in the rafters of the Malibu Playhouse. At intermission the man sitting next to me asked how I liked the play. “I don’t know,” I responded. “I didn’t get a word they said.” “Oh thank god,” he said. “I thought it was [...]

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  • New Voices, New Musicals, MAY 6 at The Colony Theatre

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                               Contact: Scott Guy Executive Director, ANMT North Hollywood, CA 818-506-8500 New Voices, New Musicals, MAY 6 at The Colony Theatre A new musical theatre composer — “21 years old”? No, it’s not a typo: in fact there are three of them in the got musical program for May 6 at the Colony Theatre in Burbank, an evening of [...]

  • World Premiere of Paul Hoan Zeidler’s Woof-Woof at the Hollywood Fringe

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Paul Hoan Zeidler (310) 204-4883 Email: Sewer Socialist Productions PRESENT The World Premiere of Paul Hoan Zeidler’s Woof-Woof STARRING  Jay Seals, Brett Donaldson and Devin Skrade as part of THE 2014 HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVAL at  The ASYLUM LAB THEATER June 8th - 28th Tickets: $10.  For tickets visit: Reduced price tickets (limited supply): [...]

  • English World Premiere of “The Last Train” an Award Winning Play at the Hollywood Fringe

    ENGLISH WORLD PREMIERE OF “THE LAST TRAIN” (LE DERNIER TRAIN) MS. NATACHA ASTUTO’S AWARD WINNING PLAY HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVAL: JUNE 2014 Hollywood, CA – American fans of the Swiss playwright, Ms. Natacha Astuto, will be able to see her dark, thriller play in English for the first time during the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June. [...]

  • Emergency Casting for Hollywood Fringe Show

    THE SHOW Set in 1955, That Old Black Magic is a story of two heroines who develop a deep bond over their similar and seemingly impossible dreams. Burlesquer Sweet Bojanski Brown performs for the audience with the grace of a wounded elephant, and The Amazing Daisy is about as magical as a box of Lucky [...]

  • Comments Section Fixed

    Comments Section Fixed

    Apologies for all the technical problems over the last few days, LemonHeads. It appears we are back in business so comment away!

  • Why The Artistic Directors Alliance (TADA)?: An Open Letter to Doug Clayton – from Christian Levatino

    Why The Artistic Directors Alliance (TADA)?: An Open Letter to Doug Clayton – from Christian Levatino

    Christian wanted to continue the conversation that he started here. So we let him. Why the Artistic Directors Alliance (TADA)?: An open letter to Doug Clayton From Christian Levatino I’d like to introduce you to The Artistic Director’s Alliance (TADA). Why does LA theatre need another organization? A fair question. For too long, theatre in [...]

  • Rogue Machine Season 7 brings NEW PLAYS to Los Angeles

    Rogue Machine launches SEASON 7 Offering 5 plays – new to Los Angeles Opening May 24, 2014 Multi-award winning ROGUE MACHINE THEATRE (BEST PRODUCTION Award winner 2013, 2011 and 2010 - Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle, Ovation) is back for their SEVENTH SEASON in Los Angeles, beginning May 24, 2014. SEASON SEVEN main stage offerings will include the Los Angeles Premiere of Pulitzer [...]

  • 99 Ways to Fuck a Swan at The Illyrian Player’s Theatre Company

    THE ILLYRIAN PLAYER’S THEATRE COMPANY PRESENTS KIM ROSENSTOCK’S 99 WAYS TO FUCK A SWAN “Endlessly funny and uplifting!” -Ben Waterhouse, Willamette Weekly LOS ANGELES, CA. April 1st, 2014 – Hot on the trails of critically acclaimed MACBETH, CLOUD 9 and HOW I LEARNED TO DRIVE, The Illyrian Player’s Theatre Company is proud to present a [...]

  • LA premiere of “Ajax in Iraq” at Miles Memorial Playhouse

    LA premiere of “Ajax in Iraq” at Miles Memorial Playhouse

    Not Man Apart Physical Theatre Ensemble presents “Ajax in Iraq” Playwright Ellen McLaughlin weaves modern-day issue of sexual abuse in the military with ancient story of Ajax LOS ANGELES (April 3, 2014) – Many female combatants in the U.S. Armed Services are subjected to intense sexual abuse, but remain quiet. Not Man Apart Physical Theatre Ensemble opens its [...]

  • Superhero’s meets crime noir in this West Coast premiere! Opens April 18th

    A Theatre Connection in association with SkyPilot Theatre Company presents the West Coast Premiere of DETECTIVE PARTNER HERO VILLAIN Directed by Jonathan Price Superhero’s and crime noir are smashed together in the West Coast Premiere of Brett Neveu’s DETECTIVE PARTNER HERO VILLAIN presented by A Theatre Connection and SkyPilot Theatre Company. As Detective Baker scrambles [...]

  • Archway Theatre presents “Salome”

    ‘SALOME’ Lust, Seduction, Vengeance, Assassination; in Biblical Proportions! LOS ANGELES – Lust, seduction, vengeance, and assassination fuel Oscar Wilde’s masterful dramatic telling of a story of Biblical proportions when the Archway Theatre presents “Salome.” Strengthening all of the play’s most seductive and dramatic moments, this original adaptation focuses on Herod’s obsession for his alluring stepdaughter, [...]

  • Critique of the Week

    Critique of the Week

    Nice to see the rare Sylvie Drake review out there, reminding us all exactly what a thoughtful, intelligence, nuanced review is supposed to be all about. Hat tip to Don Shirley for bringing this gem to my attention. A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM Sylvie Drake – Cultural Weekly Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the kind [...]

  • Critique of the Week – Runner Up

    Critique of the Week – Runner Up

    Ernest just imbues his reviews with such intellectual play that they almost always stand out. Another beauty. Oh. He also mentions the Lemon in this one so there’s that… DOCTOR ANONYMOUS Ernest Kearney – Working Author Joel Daavid is an excellent designer and for “Doctor Anonymous” now playing at the Zephyr theatre on Melrose he [...]

  • Critique of the Week – Runner Runner Up

    Critique of the Week – Runner Runner Up

    First review I’ve ever read by Jonathan Ross. I really like his writing. Dunno what else to say. It’s bright, it’s bold, it doesn’t condescend, kinda playful, but mostly not afraid to just say “Hey, this is what I thought and why.”  I just fucking like it. Jonathan want to write some funny stuff for [...]

  • Another Saturday Saying

    Another Saturday Saying

    “Because good enough is the name of the game and with a couple of credits under your belt, no critic or discerning audience member will cry foul, such is the world we live in ripe with weakness. This play was beneath The Visceral Company, not the other way around. I’m not the hardest critic in [...]

  • The Saturday Saying

    The Saturday Saying

      “Opening night for this show was interesting in one regard, half the house, literally half the house, was press. I haven’t seen such a cluster of critics and reviewers assembled for an opening night since I don’t know when. (Kudos to publicist Lucy Pollak). I couldn’t help thinking if an asteroid struck the place [...]

  • Theatrical Producers League of Los Angeles (TPLLA) Responds to Vanity Fair

    Theatrical Producers League of Los Angeles (TPLLA) Responds to Vanity Fair

    An Open Letter to Mr. Graydon Carter, Vanity Fair Magazine April 11, 2014 at 8:35pm Dear Graydon Carter, We are writing on behalf of the Theatrical Producers League of Los Angeles (TPLLA) to open up dialogue about the harmful and inaccurate portrayal of theatre in Los Angeles referenced in your most recent article “Can Quentin [...]

  • Rebecca Ann Johnson and Damon Kirsche in Musical Theatre West's Production of "'S Wonderful". Photo: Zomna Avila.


    BITTERSWEET The jazz is delicious, many songs are delightful, but the entire show would have been better without the intrusive and distracting plots. John Farrell – Random Lengths SWEET S’WONDERFUL: The New Gershwin Musical is a song-and-dance delight. Greg Simay – MyBurbank SWEET Take forty classic George Gershwin tunes, round up five stellar triple-threats to [...]

  • For The Record Live Does Some Damage Control over Vanity Fair Flack

    For The Record Live Does Some Damage Control over Vanity Fair Flack

    Not that they needed to really, but this from their Facebook page not long ago: For The Record goes on the record to state that theater is alive and well in Los Angeles. For The Record was created to shine a spotlight on the incredible theater artists that populate this incredible creative city through a [...]

  • “I love LA theatre because it’s fearless.” – Response to Vanity Fair from an LA Theater Fan

    “I love LA theatre because it’s fearless.” – Response to Vanity Fair from an LA Theater Fan

    Her name – the LA Theater fan – is Damaris Montalvo, and she ain’t a theater artist, just a fan and she had something to say about this whole Vanity Fair thing. The Boston Court blog, We Play Different, gave her a forum and she’s used it well. Reeling off example after example of companies and [...]

  • Taylor Gilbert (center front) with (back row from left to right) Hannah Mae Sturges, Jack Millard and Dani Stephens in "Sovereign Body" at the Road Theatre. Photo: John Lorenz.


    BITTERSWEET Beck’s decision to make Anna’s affliction an anthropomorphic one – a handsome devilish specter (Jack Millard), visible only to her, is responsible for her pain – adds an interesting dimension, helping to lift the overwritten and somewhat contrived script out of the movie-of-the-week waters into which it frequently lapses. Ultimately, the burden of a [...]

  • LA Weekly’s Uncle Steven Responds to the Vanity Fair Idiot

    LA Weekly’s Uncle Steven Responds to the Vanity Fair Idiot

    Well that was quick. Guess the LA Weekly can get its shit together when it needs to. Steven Leigh has jumped into the fray. I’m sure there will be others rolling along right behind him: Since Vanity Fair shows no interest in covering or even crediting the swath of productions that lend value to our [...]

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